Xuan Off Partition Feng Shui Placement Method

- Oct 02, 2018 -

1. The porch partition is in line with the Chinese feng shui tradition, and the orientation is crucial. The entrance is the buffer area from the entrance door to the living room, allowing the entrants of the movement to calm down and attracting the spirit. At the same time, it is the way to get into the house. Therefore, its layout can directly affect the feng shui of the house. There are large-scale entrances in the entrances to traditional Chinese houses, and the modern urban houses are generally narrow in area. If traditional large-scale entrances are set up, it will obviously feel that space is cramped and it is difficult to move. Therefore, the compromise method is to use a glass screen to make the interval, so as to prevent the outside air from rushing straight into the living room, but also make the narrow entrance not too sturdy. The phlegm of the phlegm and the anti-leakage effect, the largest feng shui effect of the porch can be used to resolve the suffocation of the door directly outside the house. The feng shui theory says that there are two kinds of flaws: fractals and sputum. It is not the so-called strange power, it is actually a bad type, and the evil type in Go is the same. All the people who want to live in the house are both beautiful and beautiful.

2, different people's porch feng shui orientation is different. For homes with doors facing the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also be used as a screen to block the suffocating air that enters the gate. As for the new shoes that have never passed through the street, or the slippers for indoor use, there is no problem anywhere in the house. As for the direction in which the shoe cabinet is placed, pay attention to it. If the head of the family is engaged in clerical work, it is advisable to place the shoe in the home position of the school, that is, the southeast; blue-collar workers and other friends who rely on labor to make a living should be placed in the military position, the northwest is most beneficial, and the career is better. Floors. The above orientation is applicable for many years and does not require annual conversion.


3, the entrance is suitable for these positions

(1) transparent

The porch partition should be transparent, so the transparent frosted glass is better than the thicker wood. Even if the board must be used, the board should be brighter than the fancy board. The color is too deep and easy to be clumsy;

(2) Moderate

The interval between the entrances should not be too high or too low, but moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is most suitable; if the space of the entrance is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in the body, but too low, there is no effect, no matter in terms of feng shui and design;

(3) bright

The porch should not be dark, so it is necessary to use more brains in terms of lighting. In addition to the use of more transparent frosted glass or glass bricks, the color of wooden floors, floor tiles or carpets should not be too deep. If there is no outdoor natural light at the entrance, Use indoor lighting to remedy, such as installing a long lamp;

Neat: The porch should be kept clean and tidy. If too many things are piled up, it will not only make the porch look messy, but also have a shadowy and fascinating house on the feng shui of the house. It is not far from the home.

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