Why are some of the star hotel's room doors recessed inward?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

Most of the star hotels' walkway lights and soft and hard clothes are relatively dim. Under this premise, the reasons may be as follows:

1. Increase privacy. If the door is approached to the wall, the room number may be visible at the far end, which is not conducive to the privacy of the customer. People who live in hotels will find that often the hotel room numbers are not adjacent but nearby. For example, the side of 203 is generally not 204, but 205. In addition to the light and decorative colors of the passages, these practices are to enhance privacy to a certain extent.


2. Improve the sound insulation effect. Since the hotel’s aisle is public and the usage rate is high, hotel guests’ check-in and check-out times are different, but when used, more or less noise is generated, and if the door is prominent or goes to the wall If it is flush, the noise is more easily transmitted into the room through the door seam, affecting the rest of the guests. The recessed approach reduces noise entry.


3. Improve the smoothness of the channel. Imagine that you came out from the elevator to a certain floor at the same time as another customer. You walked in front and pulled the luggage to a relatively close room. If your door is not recessed, you will probably block when you open the door. The guests behind are passing. I don't know if you find that in a hotel with a relatively narrow aisle, not only the door panel is recessed, but the entire door is recessed into the room with prominent walls on both sides. After years of development, the star-rated hotel has been designed with a lot of detail. Not only is the door recessed, but the door to the door will not appear in a good hotel room. Imagine that the door is facing the door. The guests in both rooms open at the same time, face to face, and the inside is easy to see. Therefore, every time I travel and travel, I will carefully choose a hotel and let the hotel become part of the experience and experience.

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