Why Do The Hotel Doors Use Revolving Doors?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

No one stipulates that the hotel does not use revolving doors, but now large hotels, hotels and clubs are more common.

Well, since it is common and accepted by the masses, there are always some reasons...

1. What are our common revolving door classifications?

The different grades and different designs of the hotel determine that the hotel uses one of the following revolving doors.

1. Classification from a large aspect: manual revolving door, automatic revolving door.

2. Classification by structure: two-wing automatic revolving door, three-wing revolving door, four-wing revolving door.

3. Classification from structural materials: metal frame revolving doors, crystal revolving doors (full glass revolving doors) and wooden revolving doors.

Second, why should the hotel door use a revolving door?

Some people say that the biggest advantage of a revolving door is that it can be realized: "Open the door forever, and close the door forever."

what does it mean? This means that for the guests entering and leaving the hotel, the door can always be opened; but for the building of the hotel, the door can always be closed.


So why should the hotel door use a revolving door?

1. The most direct point is to highlight the identity and grade of the hotel.

In general, hand-pushing doors, translational automatic sensing doors, and revolving doors are the most commonly used types of doors. Among them, the traditional hand-push door is the most widely used, the automatic sensor door is mostly used for banks, and half of the high-end hotels choose to use the revolving door.

In addition, especially the high-end hotels themselves are high-grade, they should match the door of identity.


2. The revolving door has excellent insulation effect, especially in the north.

The revolving door has a good airtightness ratio, especially the two-wing revolving door, which separates the indoor and outdoor air to reduce the waste of indoor air conditioning energy.

3. The safety factor of the revolving door is relatively high and the design is user-friendly.

The revolving door can be used for soundproofing and dustproof, and it is also necessary to prevent the guests from opening the door. Therefore, the revolving door can gather various door advantages.

Therefore, it is not surprising that all kinds of revolving doors with prices ranging from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand are often used in high-end hotel designs such as star, boutique and vacation.

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