Wooden Door Purchase

- Aug 05, 2018 -

Many consumers know very little about how to choose wooden doors and wooden doors. When they choose wooden doors, they are not very active, and they can only passively listen to the seller's words. The wooden door market is in an unprecedented period of prosperity. The wooden door products in the building materials city are dazzling, which makes us have more space when purchasing, but how can we choose the wooden door that we like?


Functional factor

In consideration of the security factors of theft prevention, the entrance door can choose a beautiful, strong and heavy wooden door; the bedroom door mainly considers privacy and creates a warm atmosphere, so it adopts a light-transparent and solid door type; Doors should be selected with good sound insulation, good light transmission and strong design. For example, wooden doors with ancient window ribs can produce simple and elegant book charm; kitchen doors should be waterproof and sealed. The door type is to effectively block the fumes generated during cooking; the bathroom door mainly focuses on factors such as privacy and water resistance.

Quality factor

It is impossible for consumers to go to the factory to stare at the production process of wooden doors, but the quality of the products can be assessed by simple image inspection methods. Hand rubbing the door, panel, and corner of the door, requiring no scratching, soft and delicate; then standing on the side of the door to see if the painted surface of the door panel has uneven waves. By these two methods, consumers can basically buy wooden doors with good appearance.

Environmental factors

It is also very beautiful in appearance and environmental protection inside. When purchasing, the consumer can open the closed package first, and the probe goes in to smell whether it has a pungent smell. If you make people cry and sneeze, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is relatively high. The door-to-door network Xiaobian reminds consumers that most of the wooden doors that are released from harmful substances are cheap artificial boards, so the price of the whole set of wooden doors is often extremely low. Due to the intensive use of inferior glue in cheap man-made boards, the amount of various harmful substances released is seriously exceeded, so be wary of low-cost traps.

Brand factor

Consumers should try to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation. By checking the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer, whether the relevant industry standards are complete and whether the release of various harmful substances is within the scope of the standard, the quality of the products is measured. Before the wooden door is sent to the home for installation, pay attention to the final check by looking at the internal materials of the door lock hole.

Identification method


When choosing a solid wood door, you can look at the thickness of the door. You can also tap the door by hand. If the sound is even and dull, the door is of good quality. Weight: The higher the proportion of solid wood in a wooden door, the heavier the door. If it is a solid wood door, the surface pattern is very irregular. At first glance, the surface of the door is smooth and neat, and often not a real solid wood door.


As a post-process of the wood door factory processing, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use effect. At the same time, the cost of paint is also one of the largest parts of the cost of wooden doors.

The types of paints are broadly classified into phenolic paints, alkyd paints, polyurethane paints, nitrocellulose paints, polyester paints and PU paints. Among them, phenolic paint and alkyd paint are basically eliminated in the decoration due to the poor texture and adhesion of the paint film. A large number of PU paints used in lacquer, polyester paint and high-grade furniture are used. Due to the simple construction and suitable for manual operation, the nitrocellulose lacquer is used by most hand-decorated woods, but its paint film is thin, the hand feel is not good, and the effect is not satisfactory.

Due to the cost processing methods and equipment problems, 90% of the wooden doors on the market use polyester paint, and a few manufacturers use PU paint. In general, polyester paints and PU paints have to go through six processes, such as color finding, three bottoms and two sides. Some brands increase the curing and waxing process. Therefore, paint is one of the factors that must be considered when choosing a wooden door. It directly affects the texture, feel, moisture, environmental protection, durability, and yellowing resistance.

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