Wooden Door Maintenance

- Aug 29, 2018 -

1, spring, autumn, winter, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, so that the wooden door is at normal room temperature, humidity, prevent wooden doors due to humidity, temperature difference is too large and deformation, slitting, metal parts rust, edge banding The wooden door finish material falls off.

2. Do not use the hand with water stains or other solutions to open the wooden door frequently to avoid discoloration of the door lock. Open the wooden door or turn the door lock handle. Do not use excessive force, which will reduce the service life of the wooden door lock. Frequently moving hardware such as hinges, door locks, etc., should be tightened immediately. When the wooden door lock is not working properly, you can add an appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole.

3, the indoor temperature in winter should not be too high (mainly around 20 degrees is appropriate), when using electric heaters or other heating equipment, keep away from the wooden door, so as not to be deformed by heat.

4. When painting the wall, cover the wooden door to avoid coating on the surface of the product and affect the quality and appearance of the wooden door.

5. Do not rub the corners of the wooden door frequently to avoid fading and damage of the facing material at the corners.

6. When removing the stain on the surface of the wooden door, it can be wiped with a soft cloth after being wet, and the surface is easily scratched with a hard cloth. When the stain is too heavy, a neutral cleaning agent, a toothpaste or a special cleaning agent for furniture can be used. After decontamination, wipe it off immediately.

7. In order to maintain the surface gloss and service life of the wooden door, it should be cleaned regularly and dusted, and the surface can be cured with a special curing liquid.

8. When removing dust from the wooden door, if it is inconvenient to wipe with a soft cotton cloth, it can be removed by a vacuum cleaner.

9. Pay attention to the immersion of neutral reagents or rags with water. Do not place them on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise the surface will be immersed and the decorative materials will be discolored or peeled off.

10. When using wooden doors, do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf or avoid sharp objects from bumping or scratching. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use excessive force or open angle is too large.

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