Wood Plastic Door Surface Leveling Purchase

- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. The veneer is foamed, indicating that the veneer is unevenly heated during the attaching process, or the glue is not uniform. The flat hot press can solve the problem of uneven heating when the flat door is pasted.

2, the surface flatness of the wooden door is not enough, indicating that the plate selection is relatively cheap, the flatness of the plate is not enough, it can be imagined that the environmental performance is also difficult to reach the standard, a little bit of the meaning of the autumn.

3, see whether the joints of the process are even and small: look at whether the joints of the process are even and even, which is almost the same as the car, which directly reflects the comprehensive technological level of the enterprise.

4, look at the installation quality: finished product door in the factory to complete the production, but the real product is handed over to the customer to calculate the product is completed, so the door from the factory is only a semi-finished product, installation is the key link. A good installation process, good installation tools, and experienced installation technicians are the key to success.

5, look at the hardware: Finally talk about hardware, hardware is a very easy thing for wooden door manufacturers and customers in the judgment of the quality of the door, it is recommended that customers try not to buy their own hardware, if the manufacturer can not provide the desired hardware products, You must choose the hardware products of famous brand manufacturers, such products are generally guaranteed for life.

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