Where Is The Fire Shutter Door Generally Set?

- Aug 18, 2018 -

According to the process, fire shutters should be installed outside the firewall, and there should be no fire shutters between the two fire zones. Generally located in the following parts.

(1) Closed evacuation stairs leading to the walkway; closed elevator room, leading to the front door and front room leading to the walkway door.

(2) Inspection doors for vertical pipeline wells such as cable wells, pipeline wells, exhaust ducts, and garbage lanes.

(3) Divide the fire compartment, control the firewall and fire door on the partition building area. When there is difficulty in setting up a firewall or fire door in a building, it should be replaced by a fire shutter door and protected by a water curtain.

(4) Specification (such as GB50045-95 "Fire Protection Code for High-rise Civil Building Design") or designing partition walls for fire protection and smoke prevention. For example, the equipment room (cylinder room, foam station, etc.) of the fixed fire-fighting device attached to the high-rise civil building, the partition door of the ventilation, air-conditioning room, etc. should adopt Class A fire door; there are often people who stay or have more combustible materials. Class A fire doors shall be used for the doors on the partition walls of the basement room; fuel and gas boilers, fuel oil-immersed power transformers, fuel-filled high-voltage capacitors and switches, etc., shall be arranged in high-rise buildings due to conditions. Class A fire doors shall be used for doors on the wall of special rooms. There are also door-to-door doors that are designed to have special requirements, such as fire control command centers, archives and reference rooms, and valuables warehouses. Class A or Class B fire doors are usually used. The door of the high-rise residential building is often equipped with a fireproof security door.

Mainly used in large supermarkets (hypermarkets), large shopping malls, large professional materials market, large exhibition halls, factories, warehouses and other public places with fire protection requirements. When a fire occurs, the fire shutter door is automatically lowered (downward) under the control of the fire control central control system according to a preset procedure, thereby preventing the flame from spreading to other areas and obtaining valuable time for implementing fire fighting.

Under normal circumstances, large buildings are equipped with a central fire control system in accordance with the provisions of the National Fire Protection Law. When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof (referred to as the smoke sensor) first receives the smoke signal, and at the same time, reports to the central control system. The fire central control system recognizes the fire shutter door power supply in the area where the fire is located to make the fire. The area's fire shutters descend at a certain speed. When the roller blind descends to a position about 1.8 meters from the ground, the downside is stopped to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. After the fire shutter door stays in the middle for a certain period of time, it continues to descend until it is closed. The downwind speed and intermediate dwell time of the fire shutter can be adjusted during installation.

In some occasions, the fire protection central control system is not equipped in the building, and the fire shutter door is only used to implement the fire protection regulation operation procedure of the fire shutter door by means of the fire control electrical box of the fire shutter door. In this case, when a fire alarm occurs, the fire alarm signal received by the smoke sensor is directly transmitted to the fire control electrical box of the fire shutter door.

In the event of a power outage, the fire shutter can only be lowered by pulling the chain. The manual of the fire shutter door can only be placed in one direction and cannot be lifted.

The requirements for the production of fire shutter doors are high, that is, the whole system can be subjected to a high temperature test of about 1100° for a certain period of time. The fire resistance time of the fire shutter doors is the main indicator of the fire shutter doors. GB14102-93 steel fire shutter doors in the general technical conditions for the fire resistance time specified four fire rating.

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