What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Villa Aluminum Art Door?

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Look at the materials - the materials used in the door of the high-quality Qingyuan villa, thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards, thick walls should be above 1.2mm, tensile strength reaches 157N/mm2, yield strength should be reached 108N/mm2. If the above standards are not met, they are inferior products and cannot be used.

Look at processing - high-quality villa aluminum art door, fine processing, installation and attention, good sealing performance, switch freely. Inferior villa aluminum art door, blindly selected materials and specifications, processing rough and shoddy, sawing instead of milling, not installed according to requirements, poor sealing performance, switch is not free, not only the phenomenon of air leakage and leakage, but also encounter strong wind and External force, it is easy to scrape off or fall off the push-pull part, destroying and injuring people.

Look at the price - as the saying goes, there is no good goods, good goods are not cheap, and now the society has verified this sentence. Nowadays, many companies are trying to fight price wars and reduce product costs, which leads to a decline in quality. Under normal circumstances, the high-quality villa aluminum art door is much higher in cost and higher than the inferior villa door. Some villas made of aluminum plates with a wall thickness of only 0.6--0.8mm have tensile strength and yield strength that are much lower than the national standards and are not safe to use. In addition, the number of manufacturers producing villas to the door is increasing day by day. Some of them are designed to reduce costs, cut corners, and shoddy. The hidden dangers of products are generally unsuitable.

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