What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Decoration Design Of The Boutique Hotel Door?

- Jul 28, 2018 -

Boutique hotel door decoration design


1: The style of the boutique hotel door is varied, but there is a general principle that the door should not be designed too small;

2: From the perspective of Feng Shui, the door is the gas port, the quality of the boutique hotel business is good or bad, about 30% is determined by the door, so the orientation, size and decoration of the door are very important;


3: The door of the boutique hotel is too small. According to the feng shui, the port of the building is reduced, which is not conducive to the gas, so that the gas can not flow into the room smoothly, reducing the anger inside the house and increasing the dead air;

4: The gate is the throat of a boutique hotel. It is the passage for customers to enter and exit. The number of customers welcoming customers every day determines the rise and fall of boutique hotels.

       Therefore, in order to enable the boutique hotel to increase the amount of reception to customers, the door should not be too small.


How to improve the door too small

       Widen the door of the boutique hotel and even remove the door of the boutique hotel. The increase in the number of boutique hotels is to expand the so-called "air port" of Feng Shui, and the atmosphere can accept the big money source. Guaranteed that the boutique hotel has a good business order, so that the operation is booming.

       The above is the boutique hotel decoration design Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, the size of the boutique hotel door, should pay attention to what, I hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian can help the friends who need.

       In the decoration design of the boutique hotel door, the most important thing to pay attention to is the door to the financial loss. The boutique hotel decoration design is introduced to you. The boutique hotel needs to avoid the door of missing money. If there is any solution:


The door to the money

       Boutique hotels are two or more floors, and the stairs are not noticed, often facing the store door, which is a typical leak.


Warm tips:

1: Place a screen between the store door and the stairway. The texture of the screen, the color and the pattern on the screen should be determined according to the owner's birthday and the orientation of the store door. It cannot be said very specificly;

2: Place the Guan Gongxiang town house, Guan Gongxiang belongs to Wu Caishen, so it must be placed facing the gate. On the one hand, it can suppress the suffocation outside the door, on the other hand, it can restrain the leakage of wealth.

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