What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Stainless Steel Processing?

- Jul 29, 2018 -

The stainless steel processing plant will provide you with our excellent service. So I summed up the following processing considerations, hoping to help the majority of users.

1, stainless steel processing speed should be slower, feed rate is slower, the general line speed does not exceed 130.

2. Weld defect: The weld defect is serious, and it is compensated by manual mechanical grinding method. The resulting grinding marks cause uneven surface and affect the appearance.

3, the coolant should use water-soluble cutting fluid, semi-synthetic, cooling, lubrication are good.

4. Inconsistent surface: only the pickling passivation of the weld seam also causes uneven surface and affects the appearance.

5, although the stainless steel is hard, but it is also cotton, it is soft. The above-mentioned car method will stir the knife. To be polished by the stainless steel processing tool. The positive angle of the turning tool is greater than 5, so the amount of knife can be much better, the efficiency will be High out. Generally with a knife unilateral 3MM.

6, because stainless steel is easy to deform, drilling and tapping is very difficult, so to prevent overheating, spray on the machined surface.

7, in the stainless steel welding should pay attention to the adjustment of the welding machine current.


8. Scratches caused by human factors are more serious: during the process of hoisting, transportation and structural processing, the scratches caused by human factors such as bumping, dragging and hammering are serious, which makes the surface treatment more difficult and also causes corrosion after treatment. The main reason.

9. Grinding and polishing passivation unevenness: After picking and polishing, pickling and passivation treatment is carried out. For a workpiece with a large area, it is difficult to achieve a uniform and uniform treatment effect, and an ideal uniform surface cannot be obtained. And the cost of working hours and the cost of accessories are also high.

10. Because the surface of the tool is alloyed with other non-metals or metals during the machining process, the tool is more likely to rust. I think I can add an anti-oxidation film or an anti-oxidation film.

11. Equipment factors: In the process of profile, sheet bending and bending, scratches and creases are also the main cause of corrosion after treatment.

12, scratches difficult to remove: the overall pickling passivation, can not remove the various scratches produced during the process, and can not be removed by hollowing out stainless steel processing should pay attention to those problems scratch, welding splash and adhere to stainless steel Impurities such as carbon steel and splash on the surface cause chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion to rust in the presence of corrosive media.

13. Other factors: During the process of purchasing and storing stainless steel raw materials, bumps and scratches caused by lifting and transportation are also serious, and it is also one of the causes of rust.


14, the pickling ability is limited: pickling passivation paste is not a panacea, for plasma cutting, flame cutting and black scale, it is more difficult to remove.

The above questions are summarized in the feedback we get during the daily processing and the feedback from the users.

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