What Places Are Suitable For Installing Invisible Doors?

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Not wide enough wall

What if there is a door in the living room TV or sofa background wall? Need to maintain the uniform symmetry effect of a wall, it will install a light body wall + invisible door on the background wall to solve the overall shape of the living room to get rid of the overall influence of the door frame.


Facing the bathroom of the entrance door, the wind and water see, the bathroom has a sinister atmosphere, the door to the entrance door, will lead to the independence of the gas.

However, space and water can not be modified. We can only use screens, shelves, curtains and the like between the entrance door and the bathroom door, sometimes blocking the line of sight and not beautiful.


Therefore, the most reasonable and transparent way is to decorate the bathroom door into a concealed door, which is not only beautiful, but also avoids this embarrassing problem.

The separate bathroom in the bedroom, the whole wooden veneer wall is extremely quiet and unified, the door can not be seen completely behind the space, there is no need to worry about any privacy issues.

There is sometimes a bathroom below the stairwell. This small space can easily break the overall sense of space, so you need a hidden door. Therefore, the designer designed a circular invisible door on the wall, naturally integrating the door seam into the wall, and the door and the wall appear to be a unified whole, thus achieving an invisible effect.


The bedroom is a resting harbor, privacy is the most important, a hidden door cuts off your connection with the outside world, so enjoy the comfort of the invisible door!

Storage room

Many villas make the door of the storage room invisible, and the owner can place valuables in the storage room.

I like to close the cloakroom with a hidden door, which saves space.


The shaped space can also be customized with invisible doors, and the opening and closing effect is more unique. A certain mystery to the narrow attic, at first glance, can not find the door in the first time, but after the search can find the existence of the invisible door, giving people a feeling of discovering the new continent.

Open kitchen and dining area

The front is said to save space, the space between the kitchen and the dining area, to avoid the messy and disorderly storage of the kitchen, you can try to hide the cleaning area and the baking area, to a folding door, practical and elegant.

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