What Material Is The Ecological Door? Ecological Door Selection Material

- Aug 28, 2018 -

What is the material of the ecological door?

What is the definition of "ecology"? People often use "ecology" to define many beautiful things, such as environmental protection, health, beauty, harmony and other things can be decorated with "ecological", so a perfect ecological door should be environmentally friendly, healthy and beautiful. One body. Of course, different uses and aesthetics will be different. The doors for public use are more inclined to the aluminum wood ecological door, and the doors for home use may be more woody. What is the ecological door? Since the advent of the material, there have been many practices such as bamboo doors, low carbon doors, aluminum doors, aluminum doors and so on. One of the misunderstandings here is that ecological solid wood doors are not really ecological doors. In the ecological concept mentioned above, environmental protection and health should be the core of the ecological door. A detailed analysis can conclude that 90% of the materials used in ecological solid wood doors are wood products, which are based on the destruction of a large number of forest trees. Here we do not talk about the so-called ecological solid wood doors, ecological composite doors and other materials.


The material of the ecological door begins with the structure. The structure of the door has a door frame, a door leaf, a hardware hinge, etc. The subdivision is a door frame, an edge seal, a panel, a keel, a door core, and a lock hardware. Bamboo doors, as the name suggests, are basically bamboo products. The market is not widely used. Its ecology is reflected in the short growth cycle of bamboo. Low-carbon doors are mainly reflected in the energy-saving and environmental protection of doors. Energy consumption and recycling are low. The key to the quality of carbon doors is generally aluminum alloy, plastic steel and so on. The aluminum alloy door and aluminum wooden door are the core of our analysis. Because the tooling is more strict with space requirements, functional requirements and environmental protection requirements, the general aluminum alloy door is used in public projects; and the aluminum wooden door is not only numerous tooling applications, but also modern and fashionable. The shape is also favored by a large number of young home improvement users.

Door frame: made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy, tested by national standard aluminum.

Wrap: Made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy, tested by national standard aluminum.

Wood/aluminum keel: square or aluminum alloy keel, tested by national standard aluminum.

Aluminum honeycomb: aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb, tested by pressure resistance.

Environmental protection panel: Amine panel (high-density board), through the European E1 environmental protection standard fire board national fire protection standard to detect the metal surface of the Emperor metal sheet plus substrate, through the European E1 environmental standards.

Glass plate, etc.


Hinge hardware: The lock handle is a space aluminum die-casting. The lock body is made of stainless steel and the lock core is made of copper.

The combination of material, structure, design and production process is a necessary condition for the birth of a beautiful ecological door. Therefore, we strive to ensure the material standards while working hard to achieve the ultimate in design and process flow.

Buy "ecological door" mainly to see the material

The door cover and door edge of the ecological door are mostly made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material. The surface is anodized, the hardness is above 12 degrees, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, never deformed and faded. The ecological door frame structure is cast by integral die casting, so that it can achieve seamless, sealed and soundproof effects.

The concept of “ecological door” is derived from “ecological home”

The “ecological door” is a concept derived from “ecological home”. Eco-home originated from some developed countries that focus on ecological protection in Europe. It is a comprehensive environmental concept, including various comprehensive factors: sound, light, water quality, geology, greening rate, resilience and other natural environments; ventilation, ventilation, Indoor space environment such as sunshine, lighting, air cleanliness, temperature, relative humidity, building materials, decorative materials and construction technology. According to the ecological indicators, the room temperature should be between 17 °C and 27 °C, and the relative humidity should be between 40% and 70%. The key to eco-home is environmental protection and health. It is higher than the standard of “green home”. It not only has hardware requirements, but also humanistic needs, and pays attention to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The “ecological door” should be an element in the “ecological home”. In this sense, the ecological door should pay attention to ecology and pay attention to the harmony between man and nature. It should be a humanistic product.

“Ecology” is mainly reflected in the selection of materials.

In this way, the ecological door should have more social connotations than the solid wood doors and composite doors that are commonly seen. The ecological door is built on the basis of nature, using natural conditions and artificial means to create a comfortable, healthy product that is conducive to living. In the use of materials, it is not a blind abuse of natural resources, but should use artificial, composite, and recyclable materials that are harmless to nature, thus contributing to the entire ecological environment and establishing a harmonious home environment. Nowadays, the ecological door on the market mainly starts from the hardware structure and materials, and is made of metal materials. It is formaldehyde-free and the materials can be recycled. The above standards are the “ecological door”.


Door cover and door edge of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy

The door cover and door edge of the ecological door are mostly made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material. The surface is anodized, the hardness is above 12 degrees, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, never deformed and faded. The ecological door frame structure is cast by integral die casting, so that it can achieve seamless, sealed and soundproof effects.

The hollow aluminum honeycomb structure has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good rigidity and tear resistance, and excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It is particularly excellent in terms of flame retardant, sound insulation and heat insulation. Now the new door core will add a layer of keel to the hollow structure of the aluminum honeycomb, which is more durable.

The facade material adopts 100% pure environmentally friendly imported veneer, mainly including melamine board, fireproof board and metal board. These materials are green, environmentally friendly, have little water absorption, are not easy to scratch, and have good wear resistance. Compared with ordinary wood materials, it is greatly susceptible to moisture, mildew, discoloration, wear and other defects. At the same time, the finishing of the veneer is carried out using the precision technology to ensure the minimum amount of glue.

"Ecogate" special hardware accessories

The hardware accessories used in the top solid ecological door are special research and development products, which can guarantee the light and comfortable switch after the forced opening and closing of 2 million times.

In addition, the surface of the eco door leaf panel has many unique colors, styles and patterns, which can be better matched with various home styles. Perhaps this fusion is also advocated by the ecological concept of the ecological door.

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