What Kind Of Security Door Is Better?

- Jul 21, 2018 -

The security door is not called the security door. Its full name is the anti-theft security door. As its name suggests, its function is both anti-theft and security. Professionally speaking, it is equipped with an anti-theft lock, which can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions for a certain period of time, and has a certain safety protection performance and meets the corresponding anti-theft security level.

 Before introducing how to choose, let us know about the current status of the industry:

In recent years, China's real estate is what everyone can see. According to statistics, the annual building area is about 1.5 billion square meters to 2 billion square meters. Assume that the door area is about 10%, and the family who chooses the door and chooses the security door will calculate it by 2/3, so there will be more than 10,000 hectares per year! That is the potential market for more than 100 million square meters of security doors! By the end of the year, domestic security door manufacturers had a size of nearly 3,000. The current Chinese people's consumption concept is mature, the market is developing fast, so the brand effect of the security door is also highlighted. In short, the current domestic security door market has ushered in a period of overcapacity, fierce competition, high investment, low growth, and low profit. The main reason is the lack of technology innovation and brand building. These are closely related to the fierce competition in the industry and the production mode of the company itself.

How do industry entrepreneurs develop and how to survive has nothing to do with consumers, but how to choose the right security door can be closely related to us, then, how to choose?

1. Locks are undeniable. The performance of security anti-theft is mostly provided by locks. Now the thief is also advancing with the times. A small instant noodle has broken a cell, and there are many high-precision instruments used in Hollywood blockbusters. The Thief St. There is a genius who dares to break through the security door. I guess it can be hot search. Therefore, the real anti-theft is the lock, with a B-class or super-B-class lock core, the lock structure is complex, through the national quality verification lock, really reliable!

2. Steel plate The national regulations stipulate that the thickness of the steel plate of the security door should reach 1 mm. The thinner the safety performance, the lower the cost. Therefore, the manufacturer of the fish in the mud will reduce the thickness of the steel plate to obtain profits. In fact, the consumer can press the steel plate in the door leaf. If the steel plate is pressed, the quality of the security door is not closed. At least the thickness is not enough.

3. Under the pedal and the filler. The lower step of the security door is mostly stainless steel. The stainless steel is a small workshop to reduce the cost. Consumers can put the magnet on the lower step, and the more the iron is sucked. The more unqualified.

The filling and performance are as follows:

Honeycomb paper (general)-----------------General security door, engineering door

Rock wool (fireproof, soundproof) ------------ fire door, higher security door

Polyurethane foaming (protective, soundproof)----insulation security door, higher security door

Aluminum foil (protective, soundproof, fireproof)----fire door, heat insulation door, high security door

The above are several entry points for purchasing security doors, but I think consumers should pay attention to their needs.


For example, consumers with poor sleep quality need better sound insulation: women who live alone must consider the safety of the security door: if there are old people and children at home, care about the shape and sharpness of the lock handle. . All kinds of security doors are available in the market, and consumers can choose the products with the best performance in all aspects.

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