What Is The Stainless Steel Door Hinge Mounting Process?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

What is the stainless steel door hinge mounting process? Hinge is one of the hardware components that are often used in the building materials market. The hinge is hidden between the door, the fan and the frame, and is an important connector. The door leaf can be well opened and closed, and it needs a fine hinge. How can the hinge be installed in a suitable position?

Stainless steel door hinge installation, hinge preparation before installation


1. Determine if the height, width, and thickness of the hinges match the doors. High, wide, and thick unmatched hinges may cause the hinge load to fail to meet the requirements and affect the use of wooden doors;


2. The hinge installation requires the matching screws and other fastening accessories to check whether the accessories are complete and the quantity is complete;


3. Determine the number of hinges and the mounting height.


4. According to the material selection of the corresponding hinge connection, such as the wooden door, the connection of the frame is fastened with screws.



Stainless steel door hinge installation two, wood door hinge installation


1. Slot. Make a slot on the side where the mounting hinge is determined. The depth of the slot should be the same as the thick soil of the single sheet. After the slot is formed, place the single page into the slot and check whether the surface of the page is close to the door ( The door cover is flush with the surface;


2. Fasten the hinge. Fix the hinges with matching screws. The screws should be perpendicular to the surface of door pockets and door edges. If the screws are inclined, the hinges may squash when closing the door, which will affect the service life of the door.



Stainless steel door hinge installation three, the installation of the hinge door hinge


1. Unlike ordinary hinges, the hinges are not two pages of the same size, but they look like a pair of mother and child. They consist of a smaller subpage and a larger parent page. The page resembles a hollow part of the master page. Compared to ordinary hinges, the hinges are thinner and less suitable for heavy wooden doors;


2. The hinge is the core of the bearing, the flexibility and durability of the door opening and closing are determined by the bearing, and the weight of the mother hinge is lighter than the ordinary hinge, it is best to install three hinges. For better load-bearing;


3. If the wooden door is installed on the mother hinge, the best choice is 304 stainless steel. The thickness of this hinge is 3mm thick, and it can be felt thick and flexible in the hand.


The above knowledge is a detailed introduction to the knowledge of stainless steel door hinge installation. Hinge installation has certain precautions, and there are many construction requirements that need attention when installing. So hinge installation, it is best to find a professional person to do it.

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