What Is The Production Process Of KTV Box Door?

- Jun 27, 2018 -

The KTV box door is necessary for KTV. It can protect the privacy of guests to a certain extent, but because of the special nature of the venue, there are some specific requirements. However, because it is a public place, it requires a relatively high process. Let's take a look at its basic process production:

     A. First of all, in the selection of materials, the raw materials of KTV box doors must be better, and must be checked when purchasing raw materials.

     B, manufacturing door frames and doors: KTV box door molding door frame and door leaf cutting, bending procedures, stamping and welding order stainless steel plate;

     C, KTV box door washing surface, first defrosting water solution of the door frame and door leaf soak for 2 to 30 minutes; then, will be clean water for 1 to 10 minutes;

     D, spray primer, heat the door frame and door leaf oven to 50 to 200 degrees Celsius, and then start spraying the primer, spray the door frame and door leaf and primer into the oven and reheat to 50 to 200 degrees Celsius;

     E. Packaging and warehousing. Take out the dry KTV box doors and assemble them into finished products, packaging and storage. Explain the relevant production process, the production of KTV box door has a beautiful appearance, prevention of water and can effectively prevent thieves and other characteristics.

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