What Is The Child Door Security Door? What Is Its Size?

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The child security door is believed to be familiar to everyone. The child door is very good when used as a home and indoor door. The two doors and windows can be large or small. When designing and installing, you need to customize according to your own preferences and actual conditions. So what is the child security door? What is the size of the child security door? Below we will give you detailed answers, I hope to provide help for everyone.


  What is the child security door?


  The child security door, simply said that there are two doors and windows in one door, can open a door or window at the same time or open the door and window at the same time. As the name suggests, the mother door is formed by combining two different sizes of doors. Open the whole fan door, when you only pass something like a human, you only need to open the door. You don't have to push the huge door every time. The specific definition is that the child door is a special double door pair. Opening the door consists of a smaller door leaf (child door) and a larger door leaf (mother door).



  Ordinarily, when the width of the door opening is large, the door leaf is designed to be a large and small mother-child method for the overall beauty of the door. This is more convenient to use, the experienced designer can design the height of the sub-gate to 2.1 meters, the width can be controlled below 1.35 meters, otherwise it will affect the visual appearance of the child door, giving Think of the door open. The design of the child-mother door is also a technical life, and the modern people's pursuit of beauty is more and more avant-garde. Therefore, the mother-in-law is still relatively popular.



  What is the size of the child security door?


  Under normal circumstances, when the width of the door opening is greater than the width of the ordinary single door 800-1000mm, and less than the total width of the double door 2000-4000mm, the sub-mother door can be considered. In this way, between the opening and closing of the door leaf, it is not necessary to push the too large door leaf, and it is also good to pass when it is necessary to carry large objects such as furniture.



  According to the survey, the dimensions of the anti-theft door on the market are: standard sub-mother door size: 2100mm (height) × 1200mm (width) × 40mm (thickness); security door single door size: 950mm (total width) × 2050mm (total High) × 110mm (frame thickness); anti-theft door female door size: 1200mm (total width) × 2050mm (total height) × 110mm (frame thickness); the widest sub-mother door size: 2180mm (height) × 1320mm (width) ×110 mm (thickness).


  The common size of the sub-mother door is 1200mm (total width) × 2050mm (total height) × 110mm (frame thickness), which is the same as the door height of the general security door (2000-4000mm) and the thickness of the door frame, but the width is wider. One point is also the biggest difference between the size of the child door and the size of the ordinary security door. In addition, in practice, the commonly used sub-mother door width dimensions are 1150mm, 1160mm; the common door frame thickness of the sub-mother door is 88mm, 150mm in addition to 110mm.

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