Type Of Soundproof Door

- Apr 10, 2018 -

There are many kinds of soundproof doors on the market. One of them is the pure steel soundproof door. The steel soundproof door is made of galvanized steel sheet to form internal damping, soundproof cotton and other soundproof materials to block the propagation of sound. Its function is to reduce resonance isolation. noise. Soundproof doors are suitable for large offices, entertainment venues, hospital operating rooms, television stations, studios, recording studios, etc. Soundproof doors have a good seal, which ensures soundproofing. Regular soundproof window manufacturers can provide customers with data related to noise detection and data on the amount of acoustic insulation.

(1) Core-filled soundproof door: filled with glass wool or rock wool in the core of the door core, with a magnetic rubber seal at the seam of the door leaf

(2) Outer soundproof door: A layer of artificial leather is wrapped outside the ordinary wooden door leaf, and the rock wool is filled in the artificial leather. The long leather mantle strips are nailed with foaming nails. The gap is sealed with a sponge rubber to seal the seal (this can be achieved Certain sound insulation effect).

(3) Soundproof and fireproof doors: Rock wool and other sound-absorbing materials are embedded in the wood frame of the door leaf, and the outside is inlaid with asbestos board, galvanized iron sheet and refractory fiber board, and the gap is sealed with magnetic rubber strips. Sealing material soundproof door, from Australia, was later introduced in China's Shanghai area. Over 60 years of history, focused on providing doors and windows sealing solutions such as soundproofing, smoke and fire protection, wind and rain energy saving, dust blocking and other functions.

Soundproof doors are suitable for applications where the thickness of the door leaf is required and the sound insulation requirements are strict, such as hotels, opera houses, cinemas, recording studios, radio studios, audition rooms, offices, band rooms, and gymnasiums.

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