The Principle Of The Mute Door

- Aug 04, 2018 -

1. Use a mute lock. I believe that many people will be awakened by the sound of unlocking when they sleep. The mute door produced has specially replaced the mute door lock to bring people a quieter environment. The perfect utilization of the silent door lock The magnetic principle solves the physical collision problem of the mechanical lock, so that the unlocking sound is minimized.

2, magnetic strip door. R & D and original 45-degree oblique technology won the national patent technology, and integrated into the new soft magnetic suction door decoration design, so that the wooden door can achieve a minimum sound insulation of 38 decibels.

3. The door leaf is thickened. The wooden door has been upgraded from 4CM thick to 4.5CM thick. This way will not damage the overall beauty of the home design, but it can effectively reduce the sound transmission and have a certain insulation effect.

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