The New Home Must Be Selected Security Locks Marble Locks Or Blade Locks?

- Jul 04, 2018 -

The first thing after the renovation of the new house is to consider the security door or change the lock. It is often the case that the new community is unlocked and stolen. The root cause is that the default locks of the general developers are very common A-class lock cylinders. The safety of the lock cylinder is very low. It is strongly recommended that you first replace the B or C grade lock cylinder with a higher level of anti-theft. It should be noted that the A/B lock cylinder is a national standard. These locks are in front of the professional, that is, less than one minute. Therefore, there is an enterprise standard with a higher level of anti-theft, called super B or C lock cylinder. The keys generally have more complex grooves or curves.

When selecting a pin lock, you can choose a product with a high level of safety.

1, the components of the marble lock


The traditional mass of choices

The pin lock is generally composed of a lock cylinder, a marble, a spring, a lock tongue, a key, and the like. The lock core is divided into the inner lock core and the outer lock core, and the inner lock core is the place where you insert the key; the copper marble is divided into inner and outer marbles, cylindrical, and the length is different; the spring is mounted in the round hole of the outer lock core. The marble; the locking tongue is the part that expands and contracts when the lock is unlocked; the key has different heights of the "tooth flower" corresponding to the marble of different lengths.

2, the disadvantage of pin lock

The pin lock is a relatively common type of lock on the market. However, with the extensive use of pinball locks, the drawbacks of pinball locks have become more and more obvious, mainly in the following aspects.

Easy to open by technology

The end of the marble is exposed and the working stroke is short. The marble can be directly touched by foreign objects (wire hook, tin foil, etc.).

Higher open rates

Unless the lock key can enter the lock core, it is easy to cause the key to open each other and the key teeth can not open each other, etc.; own key can enter someone's home lock, and some can even open someone's home lock, a key can open a few lock

The key is easy to copy

The key can be found everywhere in the market, the keys can be prepared at will.

To sum up, the principle of the marble lock is known to many people. If someone with a heart wants to unlock, it is simply impossible to prevent.

The disadvantage of the marble lock


One of the most common A-class locks can even be opened in a matter of seconds, faster than using a key. In movie and TV dramas, we can often see that some masters use a wire, etc., to make a few locks into the key, and the lock can be opened.

3, the security level of the marble lock

In order to improve the safety of the marble lock, it is more difficult to open, and the more complicated structure of the marble lock is constantly appearing. At present, the marble lock has various structures such as one-way, two-way, three-way and four-way marbles, as well as plane, double-sided, Multi-faceted, double-row double-sided, multi-row multi-faceted marble structure and combined marble structure. In general, the more complicated the more difficult it is to open. At present, different security levels are set for different locks, which are A, B, and Super B grades, and the corresponding security is higher.

Class A lock


Safety level of the pin lock

The A-class anti-theft lock marble structure is a single-row marble or cross lock, and the key has a key and a cross key. The internal structure of the A-class lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marble, and the marble groove is small and shallow. The anti-technical opening time is extremely high within 1 minute.

Class B lock


Safety level of the pin lock

The B-class lock key is a flat-panel key with a double-row marble slot. The difference with the A-class lock is that there is a row of curved and irregular lines on the key surface. The main types of lock cylinders are 3 types, computer double-row lock core, double-row crescent lock core, double-sided vane lock core. The B-level lock-proof technical opening time is 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. With a strong twist tool, the lock cylinder can be opened in 1 minute.

Super B lock


Safety level of the pin lock

The key shape is a single-sided blade inner milling slot or an outer milling slot key, and the lock cylinder type is a side cylinder lock cylinder. After the Ministry of Public Security detected 270 minutes, the technology could not be opened, and the regional mutual opening rate was zero. The marble structure is double-row blade and V-shaped side column locking. If you use a strong twist tool to open the cylinder, the interior of the cylinder will be destroyed and locked up by self-explosion, which will cause it to fail to open.

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