The Main Point Of The Security Door

- Jul 20, 2018 -

1. Differentiate the security door: In addition to the security door, there are steel entrance doors, anti-smashing doors, security doors, armored doors, etc. The so-called real security doors must be tested by the statutory testing institutions, the only anti-theft in China. The door standard is GB17565-1998 "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors" formulated by the Ministry of Public Security in 1998. It is clearly pointed out that one of the main standards of the security door is that the abnormal opening time of the security door is 15 minutes, that is, the chisel is used within 15 minutes. Portable tools such as screwdrivers, crowbars, and other portable electric tools cannot be broken. This is a real-life "security door", and the standard for entering the door is an abnormal opening time of 5 minutes. In addition, the security door Another standard is the thickness of the facade >=0.8mm, and the thickness of the door frame is >=1.5mm.

2, anti-theft lock: anti-theft lock is the most important part for the door, the performance of the anti-theft lock is directly related to the safety of the door. When buying the anti-theft door, the main thing to look at the lock is to look at the manufacturer of the lock. Fame, and products must be certified by the national authority. The anti-theft lock should have the functions of anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-smashing, anti-pull, anti-shock and anti-technical opening. The locks used on the security door are divided into a single point lock and a multi-point lock. The so-called single point lock means that the lock locks the door through the lock point of the lock itself. Multi-point lock means that in addition to itself, the auxiliary lock is driven at the same time to form a plurality of lock points and distributed around the door frame to enhance the anti-smashing performance.

3, purchase comprehensive considerations: After understanding the above two main points, followed by some selection factors: before buying, you must shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects See if the material is thick. Steel plate frame made of steel plate thickness. The surface of the steel plate has a high surface finish, no rough and blistering, and the thick steel plate is squeaky and squeaky, and its weight is roughly determined, and the door leaf is roughly determined to be solid. The structure should be reasonable. At the same time, the type is fine and the solder joints are even and dense. Whether the lock is flexible when opening and locking the door. When opening or closing the door, whether the door leaf is easy, there should be no jam or contact with the door frame and make a sound. The gap between the door leaf and the door frame is too large or too small. The door leaf and the door frame must be equipped with anti-theft chain. The installation of the anti-theft chain is firm. Whether the handle is flexible and firm. Understand the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the organizer and manufacturer, so that the quality problem can be solved in time.

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