The Effect Of Fire Shutter Doors

- Aug 20, 2018 -

The fire shutter door is based on the steel roller blind, and the transmission components are modified with fireproof electrical appliances to achieve fire prevention: the fireproof motor is controlled by the fireproof electric control box, and the rolling shutter is driven and closed by the shifting device to turn off the shutter door. Manual cranking on the fireproof motor can also be used for manual operation. In the relative movement of the machine, the coupling is used instead of the sprocket drive, and the inner friction of the rail is embedded with copper or nylon. It is most suitable for use or storage in environments such as factories and warehouses with high-flammable materials such as flammable gases and volatile chemicals that may or may explode.

1. The integrated bus is used internally, and the data transmission is reliable and rapid.

2. It has automatic detection of phase sequence, correction and phase loss protection. The main power backup can be automatically switched (with backup).

3, has a rich reserved interface, can be linked with the fire control center.

4, full electronic learning memory limit, absolutely accurate, regardless of the upper limit or lower limit positioning will never change.

5, using advanced microcomputer processor technology, stable and reliable, no upper limit height range limit.

6, with smoke, temperature sense signal synchronization, step detection function.

7, the setting of the operating parameters is simple, convenient and accurate.

8, with manual priority escape function. When the three-phase power or the main power is faulty, the controller can automatically lower the roller blind through the quick-release device to function as a shutter.

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