The Difference Between The Paint Door And The Paint-free Door, Which Is More Environmentally Friendly?

- Aug 28, 2018 -

Paint free door

The so-called paint-free door is the door that does not need to be painted. Most of them are now PVC veneer. The surface of the solid wood composite door or the molded door is coated with a PVC film and then vacuum-coated. There is also a paint-free door that has been painted by the factory.

No need to paint, vacuum blister is also very fast, so the paint-free door has many shapes, and the construction time is short, there is no smell, and the texture on the original wood can be retained, which is environmentally friendly.


However, because there is no paint, its appearance is not shiny, and the life of PVC film is not long and it is easy to break. In addition, although the paint-free board is cheap, the quality is average, and it is easy to knock out the dent. It will also be deformed by the influence of water vapor.

Paint door

The paint door is a door panel that needs to be painted first and then dried. The main use is the MDF substrate, and the back is melamine. It needs to be painted and dried several times. The color of the surface is very bright and very smooth. Divided into metal paint and piano paint, the process is complicated, and the price is much more expensive than the paint-free door.

The surface of the paint door is smooth and easy to handle, and it is not easy to be deformed. The bathroom door is good, not only moisture-proof, but also has its own light, which can make the room brighter.

But the shortcoming is that it is more expensive, because its process is complicated, so the yield is low. Moreover, in the process, paints and the like may be replaced with inferior quality, not only can not guarantee environmental protection, but also may be discolored, damaged, but it is difficult to identify from the surface.


Paint-free door advantage

1, with the texture of the log, a variety of color changes, more ancient sense and characteristics of the development and green environmental protection request.

2, the appearance of the product is lubricious and bright, free of paint, can prevent you from using the other decorative materials to paint the toxic gas in the air to the terrible results.

3, a molding, the construction period is short, that is, the acceptance of the work can be enjoyed, early dreams.

4, the use of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, the selection of high-quality export materials developed from the paint-free decorative materials, with anti-collision. Not self-igniting. Anti-insect mites. Moisture-proof. Anti-corrosion. Good maintenance. Non-toxic. No taste. No purification and other strengths.

5, the construction is convenient, can be cut, can be sawed, can be created, can be nailed.

6, according to identity, environment, characteristics, grades to change a variety of different shapes, is the ideal information for home decoration, interior decoration.

Paint-free door defects

The paint-free door with poor quality is always long, and the defect that is easily revealed is that it is easily affected by humidity, temperature and air, which causes the appearance of the rubber to be deformed.


Paint door advantages:

1. Bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy to scrub, good moisture and fire resistance.

2. Multi-purpose MDF is used as the substrate, and the back surface is trimeric hydrogenamine. The process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high.

Paint door defects:

1. The process level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price remains high.

2, also need to be carefully cared for, relatively afraid of bumps and scratches, once damaged, non-professional repair is more difficult.

Paint-free door and paint door which is environmentally friendly

Both are more environmentally friendly and have their own advantages, mainly depending on the price. The paint-free door and the paint door at the same price are more environmentally friendly. And the price is very cheap, the paint-free door, the door paper is easy to fall off. High-quality paint doors are environmentally friendly if the paint used is ok.

Of course, the paint-free door does not have a paint door, but the price is cheaper.

Because of the different workmanship, the price difference between the paint-free door and the paint-painted door is quite large. If the decoration cost in the home is not the most important factor, you can consider choosing the paint door. If there are frequent guests visiting the home and there are more children at home, you may wish to consider using it. Paint door. So which is the paint-free door and the paint door? I must have your own answer in your heart.

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