The Characteristics Of The Ecological Door And The Painted Door

- Aug 29, 2018 -

The characteristics of the ecological door and the painted door

Ecological door characteristics

Ecological doors and ecological boards are the new decoration materials in the past two years. Firstly, they are processed and manufactured on the basis of nature. They are made of natural materials and hand-made. The biggest advantage is that environmental protection and health are higher than “green”. "Home" standard decoration materials, and the ecological door is not a solid wood door, we are a new type of door between the granular door and the solid wood door.

The raw materials of the ecological door are recyclable, very environmentally friendly, and have no harmful ingredients to ensure the health. The door and the door of the ecological door are generally made of high-tech aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy material, and the surface has also been treated. Therefore, it has a strong hardness, can be very wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and the ecological door has a longer service life than a general wooden door.

The facade materials of the eco-doors are very environmentally friendly and meet the national standards. This ensures that people use healthy products. There are also many unique groups on the surface of the door panels, such as various paintings, reliefs, etc., which can make people Choose your own preferences.

The biggest disadvantage of the ecological door is that it has a simple shape, can not meet the decorative style of different home decoration, and the feel is very cold, the price is relatively high.


Paint door features

The paint door is a kind of door plate which has been heated by the painting process. Its color is more severe, and the visual effect is very good. In simple terms, it is more beautiful, and the smoothness of the surface is very good. Easy to clean, made of high density board as substrate. The price is also higher.

The advantage of the paint door is that it has bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy scrubbing, good moisture resistance and fireproof performance. The paint door is mostly made of MDF as the substrate, and the back side is melamine. The process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high. The types of high-grade PU paint doors are divided into piano paint and metal (car) paint, and metal paint is better than piano paint.

Because the quality of the paint used on the surface is difficult to distinguish, if you call yourself a high-grade PU (polyester) paint, and the price is very low, you can judge that it is almost impossible to use high-grade environmentally friendly paint. When choosing a paint door, don't be confused by the temporary surface brightness. When you have the feeling of using the low-grade paint door, you will find that under the pollution of the fume, the color may fade after a short period of time, and the gloss will gradually disappear.

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