The Birth And Origin Of The Ecological Door

- Aug 24, 2018 -


With the development of the times, our aesthetic tastes are constantly improving, so we not only pay attention to the environmental performance of products, but also pay attention to the personality of products, and the ecological door is in line with this trend.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the ecological door flew across the sea and flowed into China from abroad. This fashionable and individualized healthy green product quickly conquered the hearts of consumers and quickly occupied the market. After entering the Chinese market, this Western-originated product also bears the brand of Chinese characteristics, which not only has a strong sense of the times, but also has a very strong oriental meaning.

The connotation of the ecological door

"Harmony and difference" is the most important connotation of the ecological door. An important meaning of ecology is to achieve the "harmony and unity of man and nature". Eco-gates try to reflect the harmony with the surrounding environment to a large extent, and are unique in color, style and other aspects. Of course, if you only lose your personality in order to reflect this "harmony", then it is not ecological. The natural law is about "hundred flowers", so the ecological door tries to show its own personality under the premise of "harmony". Group boxes and collocations give people a colorful feeling.

Folding edit this paragraph origin

Eco-home originated from some developed countries in Europe that focus on ecological protection. It is a comprehensive environmental concept, including various comprehensive factors: sound, light, water quality, geology, greening rate, resilience and other natural environments; ventilation, ventilation, Indoor space environment such as sunshine, lighting, air cleanliness, temperature, relative humidity, building materials, decorative materials and construction technology. According to the ecological indicators, the room temperature should be between 17 °C and 27 °C throughout the year, and the relative humidity should be between 40% and 70%.

In the use of materials, it is not a blind abuse of natural resources, but should use artificial, composite, and recyclable materials that are harmless to nature, thus contributing to the entire ecological environment and establishing a harmonious living environment. It is not a scientific ecological way to squander trees by sacrificing the natural environment. Its products are not considered ecological gates in a certain sense.

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