Stainless Steel Embossed Plate Decorative Package Column Construction Method

- Jul 22, 2018 -

Generally, the stainless steel embossed metal decorative column is composed of a skeleton, a base plate and a decorative panel.

1, the practice of the skeleton

The skeleton has two kinds of wood structure and steel structure. The wooden structure skeleton is made of square wood and is mainly used for affixing various colored stainless steel plate decoration materials. The steel structure skeleton is made of angle steel welded or threaded joints. This structure is used as a decorative board for aluminum alloy sheets. Taking the concrete square column as an example, let's briefly talk about the skeleton: firstly, the vertical skeleton is positioned by the embedded part, the connection between the horizontal and vertical frames, and the support of the skeleton and the cylinder, the diameter of the circular column. Need to be determined.

2. Fixation of the base board

The function of the base plate is to increase the rigidity of the column frame and facilitate the laying of the decorative panel. It is generally made of plywood, wood board or MDF, and the base board is directly fixed to the frame with nails or screws. The base plate must have a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy to ensure the installation quality of the decorative surface of the colored stainless steel plate, which is required for the case of wrapping the cylinder.

3, the installation of color stainless steel decorative panel

In the installation and fixing of colored stainless steel plate decoration materials, it is usually glued and nailed, and it is not suitable for welding. Because the high temperature of the welding will destroy the colored film on the surface, which will eventually affect its appearance; especially the color stainless steel mirror panel, the surface is mirror surface, if it is a single color, then the welding will leave an indelible stain, it will Loss of the overall decorative effect; so the use of this material decoration application welding method is relatively small. Among them, the gluing method is easy to operate and thus the most widely used. The nailing method is easy and firm to install, but the decorative surface is also affected. Regardless of the type of installation, it is necessary to accurately cut the sheet.


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