Space Use Of Common Stealth Doors

- Sep 10, 2018 -

The designer told us that the role of the invisible door actually has two: The first is to adjust the space, and the second is to make up for the space defects. In many real-life room types, the connection of various spaces is often an unreasonable door with too many or unreasonable appearances on the wall, which will greatly affect the coordination of the whole decoration.

At present, in the design of small units, the use of invisible doors is more. Because the small-sized houses have small space, but the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are all available, and the excessive appearance of the door will be a very messy space. Therefore, smart designers will design one or two of them to be invisible. This will make the space of the small apartment more holistic and the vision more uniform.

Of course, it is not uncommon for large-sized houses to use invisible doors. However, their invisible doors are not intended to tidy up space, but are often used to create a specific space atmosphere. In the structure of the large-sized suite, the bathroom door in the bedroom, the dining room rest area, the study room, and the cloakroom are often arranged as invisible doors. This can clearly distinguish between public and private spaces and ensure that users are not disturbed.

In addition, the role of the hidden door to make up for the space defect can not be ignored. In reality, some room types are directly opposite the living room and dining room, which makes people feel strange. At this time, installing a stealth door in this place can avoid embarrassment. In some room types, the bedroom door on the wall often makes the wall look awkward, and the bedroom that people can see at a glance is also private. At this time, a well-designed invisible door is a good choice.

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