Soundproof Door Precautions

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1, the double-leaf door lap joints of soundproof doors should be made into double L-shaped seams.

2, the sound insulation door in the middle of the lap seam should be set sponge rubber. When the door leaf is closed, the sponge rubber strips are squeezed tightly on both sides of the lap joint, and a gap of 2 mm wide should be left between the door leaves. The wood and the wood at the joint should not be in direct contact.

3, soundproof doors outsourcing should be wrapped with artificial leather. Between the artificial leather and the wooden door leaf should be filled with rock wool blanket, and then with a double artificial leather pressure layer regularly pressed on the surface of the door leaf, and then nailed with foam nails, artificial leather surface should be tight, flattening.

4. A 5mm wide gap should be left between the bottom of the soundproof door leaf and the ground, and then a 3mm thick rubber strip is nailed to the lower part of the door leaf with a long flat iron. The rubber band at the contact with the ground should be stretched by 5mm to close the door leaf to the ground. Gap.

Fifth, soundproof doors If there is waterproof requirements of the door can be made of fire-resistant fiberboard, studded on both sides of the 5mm thick asbestos board, and then on the 26th galvanized iron full bag, the exposed part of the door frame should also be wrapped galvanized iron sheet.

6. The hardware of the soundproof door should be compatible with the function of the soundproof door, such as silent hinges should be used for the hinge.

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