Soundproof Door Construction Points

- Apr 10, 2018 -

(1) When making the soundproof door, ultra-thin glass wool or rock wool is used to fill the core of the door core, but it should not be squeezed and compacted, and should be kept in a soft state to ensure its sound insulation effect.

(2) The gap between the door leaf and the door frame shall be tightly clamped with a sponge rubber strip or other elastic material embedded in the groove in the door frame. The section size of the sponge rubber strip should be 1mm larger than the width of the groove on the door frame, and protrude 2mm from the edge of the frame to ensure that the gap can be tightly closed after the door leaf is closed.

(3) The lap joints of the doors of the double-sash doors should be made into double L-shaped slots. In the middle of the lap seam, sponge rubber strips should be set. When the door leaf is closed, the sponge rubber strips will be squeezed tightly on both sides of the lap joint, and a gap of 2 mm wide should be left between the door leaves. The wood and the wood at the joint should not be in direct contact.

(4) Outsourcing soundproof doors should be wrapped with artificial leather. Between the artificial leather and the wooden door leaf should be filled with rock wool blankets, and then with a double artificial leather pressure layer regularly pressed on the door surface, and then nailed with foam nails, artificial leather surface should be tight, flattening.

(5) A 5mm wide gap shall be left between the bottom of the soundproof door and the floor, and then a 3mm thick rubber strip shall be nailed to the lower part of the door with a long flat iron. The rubber band contacting the ground shall be stretched by 5mm to close the door leaf. Between the ground and the gap.

(6) Sound insulation and fireproof doors with waterproof requirements. Doors can be made of fire-resisting fibreboard. Each side is studded with a piece of 5mm thick asbestos board, and then covered with galvanized iron sheet No.26. The exposed doorframe part should also be wrapped with galvanized iron sheet.

(7) The hardware of the soundproof door should be compatible with the function of the soundproof door, such as silent hinges should be used for the hinge.

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