Sliding Door Installation

- Sep 09, 2018 -

Although the sliding door can save room space, it also has a good decorative effect. It must be designed according to the structure of the house, the size of the space and the function of use. At the same time, we must pay attention to some basic matters when using it daily. So how do you install a sliding door?

1. The hanging sliding door is difficult to handle due to the pre-installation of the track box and the brick, and the construction of the exposed track box and the brick is not easy to handle, which brings certain difficulties to the construction. Because the track is under a certain pressure, the brick is also stressed. For a long time, it is easy to cause the brick to crack near the track. In addition, if it is in a space such as a kitchen and bathroom, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt on the rail box, and soot and dust on it, which causes troubles for cleaning.

2. The size of the track box on the upper part of the sliding door should be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like the curtain box, a rail is mounted in the track box to suspend the sliding door from the rail. Most doors or door openings today have a height of 1.95 to 2.15 meters. Experience has shown that when the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, no matter how tall the person is, it will feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Therefore, when doing the sliding door, the height should be at least 195+12=207 cm. If there is enough space for the track box, the sliding door can be considered. Otherwise, it can only be an external suspension, that is, the track box is exposed outside, which is certainly not beautiful, and the gap between the door and the wall will become larger after a long time.


3, the width of the sliding door is particular. The gold size of the normal door is about 80 cm x 200 cm. Under this structure, the door is relatively stable. If there is a height higher than 200 cm, or even higher, the sliding door should be narrowed or the sliding door should be narrowed to keep the door stable and safe. Sex.

4. Use the sliding door (open hanging track box) from floor to top with caution. Since the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the sliding door is easily deformed after a long time, and the door cannot be opened after the deformation, which means that it cannot be repaired and cannot be used.

5. Since the sliding door is in contact with the wall or the sides of the cabinet, there is no other object in the contact position to block the closing of the sliding door. For example, the position of the drawer in the cabinet should avoid the intersection of the sliding door and be at least 1cm higher than the bottom plate; the drawer in the folding cabinet should be at least 15cm away from the side wall. Pay special attention to the power switch and socket on the wall. The sliding door should be closed and the position of the switch and socket should be changed.

6. Regardless of the ground on which you make any material, you must ensure the level, and the walls of the door opening should be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, the door will be skewed after the installation is completed. The adjustable error is no more than 10mm.

7. Please do not install the kick line in the installation position. The plaster line can be installed on the sealing plate above the wall cabinet. If the door is directly to the top, do not install the plaster line.

8. The carpet below 5 mm thickness will be cut off from the carpet at the location and directly attached to the lower rail. For carpets with a thickness of 5 mm or more, if the double rails are installed, they can be directly screwed to the carpet: if the monorail is installed, the carpet at the location must be cut off, and the 3-5 mm thick wooden strips should be placed in advance to paste the monorail directly. Above.

9, the combination of wooden floor and tile, this situation mostly occurs between the balcony and the living room and between the bedroom and the living room, the solution is as follows: 1, try to install the lower rail on a material. 2. Add a piece of wood or marble with the same width as the lower rail between the two materials. A threshold stone can also be used in the kitchen.

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