Sliding Door Function

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Separated space

The opaque, dark-colored, hard-skinned sliding door has a strong separation force, giving the space a clear boundary. This sliding door is suitable for the partition of a large space with a high height;

The sliding door with small size, light weight and good permeability has low space limitation, and the space interface is not very clear, but it can be separated in space, and the space maintains good fluidity. Rich, this sliding door is suitable for the division of various living spaces and the limitation of local space.


When dividing a large space into small spaces through partitions, it is also necessary to consider the problem of daylighting. For reading areas with high lighting requirements, a light-transparent sliding door can be used. For areas that require a certain amount of lighting, the permeability is not too good. Choose some semi-transparent sliding doors, which can meet the lighting requirements and block a certain line of sight.

Private soundproofing

In the individualized design, the transparent glass bathroom is not uncommon. In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrance to these areas can be occluded by moving sliding doors. Soft fabrics, sponges, and foams all have a certain sound absorbing ability, so the sliding doors decorated with these materials have better sound insulation.

Stylish and convenient

The sliding door can be started or moved at any time according to the use requirements, structural form, and decorative style, thereby increasing space flexibility. Fitted with a stylish sliding door on the closet, it is easy to use and use more than the previous swing door.

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