Selection Of Decoration Doors

- Sep 02, 2018 -

Selection of decoration doors


In home decoration, there is usually a main color. When choosing a door, you should also choose the matching wooden door color according to the main color of the home. For example, the home of white main color, you can choose black walnut door, black and white match complement each other.


The general home decoration style includes: Chinese, European, simple, mixed, classical and so on. For example, the European style decoration of the home, the wooden door to choose European style or closer to the simple style, this combination shows the beauty and unity of the home.


There are many types of doors on the market, such as security doors, steel doors, solid wood doors, wood doors, solid wood composite doors, sliding doors, paint-free doors, painted doors, ecological doors, molded doors, plywood doors, etc., according to the material of the door, classification Purchase.


Door hardware includes: door locks, hinges, sealing strips, door handles, door suctions and moving rails. Mainly to see whether the three accessories of door lock, hinge and sealing strip are installed, easy to operate and strong in bearing capacity.



The price of solid wood doors generally ranges from 3,000 to 7,000, or even tens of thousands, while the solid wood composite doors are generally around 1200-2300 yuan, and the price of molded wooden doors is generally between 300-500. You can choose the door according to your own renovation budget.

Safety and environmental protection

As far as the surface treatment process of the door is concerned, the doors on the market can be divided into two types: the paint-free door and the paint door. The paint door is painted and then dried in the drying room, which is divided into a mixed oil door and a clear oil door. Brush transparent paint, the wood product's texture is reflected, the brightness and smoothness of the wood is the clear throttle; cover the wood color, painted with color paint, the colorful is the mixed throttle. The paint-free door has a log texture and is more environmentally friendly.

Quality identification

The appearance of the door, the color of the door panel is uniform, natural, the overall feeling is even and beautiful, and the shape of the door leaf and the door cover are symmetrical, no deformation, and the fitting is correct. Is there a quality certificate issued by the state?

Sound insulation

From the material used in the door, the sound insulation performance of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors is much better than that of paint-free doors, steel doors, molded doors, etc. From the difference of the door, the T-port (German door) is better than the traditional flat door.

Functional space

For example, the kitchen door must be made of a waterproof and sealed door to block the fumes generated during cooking. The bathroom door focuses on privacy and water resistance. The door to the bedroom requires a soundproof door.


Consumers should not be fascinated by the low-priced products on the market. The price of choosing a brand door will certainly be higher. The door of a good brand will not only provide perfect installation and after-sales service, but also quality and safety.

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