Selection Instructions For Solid Wood Composite Doors

- Aug 03, 2018 -

According to the material

The material of the door panel and panel has a great influence on the overall quality. Honeycomb paper, large core board, imported door core board and other materials use different sound insulation effects. You should choose whether to use the door core board according to the specific functions and requirements. There are dozens of varieties of panels, such as oak, walnut, maple, rosewood and other different woods have their own natural texture and quality, should choose different types of panels according to the actual decoration style and preferences.

According to the structure

The high-quality finished door can be divided into two categories: flat structure and solid wood structure (including panel structure and panel structure).

From the appearance of the panel door and the panel door, the three-dimensional sense of the line, the shape is prominent, the weight is heavy and the cultural quality is displayed. It belongs to the traditional craft production, the workmanship is excellent, the structure is stable, the fly in the ointment is the high cost, suitable for European, neoclassical, New Chinese style, country, Mediterranean and other classic styles after time precipitation can be integrated into the entire building space, enhancing the purity of style decoration and the sense of history and culture.

The flat door has a simple exterior, a strong modern feel, a wide selection of materials, rich colors, strong plasticity, easy cleaning, and reasonable price, but the visual impact is weak. Suitable for modern, simple, avant-garde and other free, modern styles, can add vitality to the space. The flat door can also be used to shape the changing classical style by boring and milling, but the three-dimensionality of the lines is poor and lacks heavy feeling, but the cost is relatively moderate.


According to paint

1, look at, touch the fullness of the paint film, this will be more than a few times will be seen. The paint film is full, indicating that the quality of the paint is good, the polymerization power is strong, and the sealing of the wood is good. At the same time, the painting process is relatively perfect, and there is no suspicion of cutting corners;

2. Stand at the oblique side of the door to find the reflective angle of the facade, see if the paint film on the surface is flat, whether the orange peel phenomenon is obvious, whether there are fine particles protruding, if there are obvious small particles, the factory’s The painting equipment is relatively simple, at least there is no full-pressure dust-free paint booth, which is the necessary equipment to control the quality of the paint surface. If the orange peel phenomenon is more obvious, it means that the baking process of the paint film is not enough;

3, fancy modeling door, it depends on the edge of the line that produces the shape, especially the negative angle (that is, the angle that can not be seen), there is no cracking of the paint film.


4, ask the type of paint, the basic answer is PU paint (polyurethane paint), PU paint has the advantage of easy to polish, the process saves time and effort, the disadvantage is that the paint film is soft, slight bumps are easy to produce white shadow dents. If at least one layer of PE paint is in the paint layer, this possibility is greatly reduced. The advantage of PE paint (polyester paint) is that the paint film is hard, the hiding power is strong, the transparency is good, and the veneer texture can be better expressed. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to polish, and the processing process is time-consuming and laborious. Most manufacturers are not willing to use PE coating. This is also a good indication of a manufacturer's attitude towards products. Here to explain, the general promotion of the training will not involve this aspect, so at this point they are not very likely to deceive consumers, they themselves do not understand the difference between the two paints.

According to the flatness

1. The veneer is foamed, indicating that the veneer is unevenly heated during the attaching process, or the glue is not uniform, and the flat hot press can solve the problem of uneven heating when the flat door is pasted;

2, the flatness of the wooden door surface is not enough, indicating that the plate selection is relatively cheap, the flatness of the plate is not enough, it can be imagined that the environmental performance is also difficult to meet the standard, a little leaf Yiqiu means it;


3, see if the process seam is even and small

See if the joints of the craft are even and even, which is almost the same as the car, which directly reflects the comprehensive technical level of the enterprise;

4, see the quality of installation

Although the finished product door is finished in the factory, it is only finished when the product is handed over to the customer. Therefore, the factory is only a semi-finished product, and installation is a key link. A good installation process, good installation tools, and experienced installation technicians are the key to success. The installation of the hard door should be horizontal and vertical, the gap is even and small, the opening and closing is smooth, and it will not move automatically when it is opened at any angle (except for installing the door closer). The hardware such as hinges and door locks are fine and smooth. And horizontal and vertical.

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