Security Standard For Security Doors

- Jul 17, 2018 -


(1) The surface of the door frame and door leaf member should be smooth and smooth without obvious dents and mechanical damage.

(2) The nameplate logo shall be correct, firm and clear.

(3) The anti-theft security door should have a permanent anti-theft security level mark.

(4) The anti-theft security level mark consists of its Chinese code and plane circle. The Chinese code should be located in a plane circle with a diameter of Φ25mm.

(5) Permanently fixed in the upper side of the inner hinge in the form of the gravure of the Song Dynasty, at a height of 1600 mm ± 100 mm from the ground.


Sheet and material

(1) Plate material can be selected from steel, stainless steel, steel/wood, copper or other composite materials.

(2) Steel plate thickness

a) The door frame shall be 2.00mm, 1.80mm and 1.50mm respectively according to the security level of B, C and D.

b) The thickness of the outer panel and inner panel of the door leaf is expressed in the form of "outer board/inner board". The levels of B, C and D according to the security of the door should be 1.00mm/1.00mm, 0.80mm/0.80mm, 0.80mm/0.60 respectively. Mm.

c) The thickness of the sheet of the Class A anti-theft security door is selected according to the product design under the conditions of its anti-destructive performance. If the steel plate is selected, its thickness should not be lower than the thickness of the door frame and door leaf of the Class B anti-theft safety level and the allowable deviation.



Unqualified security doors, as the name suggests, can not reach the national standard security door. Unqualified security doors are on the market in a variety of ways, as long as consumers maintain a calm mindset. Don't be tempted by low-priced doors. Basically, you will not buy an unqualified security door.

Pick the lock cylinder

First, look at the key to the door lock. The more and deeper the "teeth" of the key, the more complicated the arrangement of the door locks and the more difficult it is to open.

Second, look at the color of the door lock. Good quality door locks are treated by electroplating. The gloss and smoothness are very good. The color should be copper core if the color is dark yellow. This material is relatively strong, so the protection is better.

Third, look at the weight of the door lock. The heavier the weight, the better the lock core material, the better the quality of the lock cylinder, the more beads in the lock cylinder, the better the protection of the lock.

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