Security Door Interlocking Method

- Jun 19, 2018 -

[Security Door Interlocking Method] Security Door Installation Specification Security Door Interlocking Card Process and Steps

Security door installation method

(1) The installation of the security door should be adapted to the type of security door used.

(2) The door frames of security doors can be fixed with expansion bolts and walls, or they can be embedded in the openings at the time of masonry wall construction, and welded to the door frame connections when installed.

(3) Regardless of the connection method adopted for the door frame and the wall, each side should not be less than 3 anchorage points and should be firmly connected.

(4) When installing the anti-theft door, it should be straightened and lifted. After the size is appropriate, temporarily fix it, correct it, adjust it, and connect the anchor after it is correct.

(5) The push-pull door is required to push and pull after being installed; the swing-open door is easy to open and closed tightly and firmly.

(6) An anti-theft device shall be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.

(7) Hardware such as pull handles, door locks, and observation holes on security doors must be complete; password protection locks, electronic alarm code systems, and doorbell paging on multi-function security doors must be effectively improved.

(8) The clearance to ground shall not exceed 5mm.


Anti-theft door lock core level?

At present, there are three types of locks on the market: A-level anti-theft locks (abbreviation: A-level locks); B-level anti-theft locks (abbreviation: B-level locks); Super B-level anti-theft locks (abbreviation: Super B) lock).

A-level lock is a single-row marble structure, the technology opening time is more than 1 minute, and the destructive opening time is not less than 15 minutes; the B-level lock is a double-row marble structure, and the technical unlocking time is not less than 5 minutes. The B-level lock core The destructive opening time is not less than 30 minutes; the Super B-level lock is a double-row marble structure with invisible pin lock, which prevents the technical unlocking time from being less than 180 minutes.

The criminals are mainly aiming at the traditional A-level locks, and the technology of the Super-B-level locks is relatively difficult to open, and lawbreakers are generally ignored when they encounter super-B-level locks. Only by raising the level of locks in a timely manner, increasing the difficulty of technical unlocking, and extending the time for unlocking can we effectively protect the people's lives and property.

Security door change cylinder process

1. Find the position of the lock screw hole. Unscrew the lock screw.

2. Slowly rotate the key, and at a certain position, that is, when the fork is in the lock cylinder groove, the entire lock cylinder can be pulled out from the lock body.

3. At this time, measure the size of the current cylinder.

The common cylinder, that is, the diameter of the round head is 17mm, the width of the small head is 10mm, and the height is 33mm.

If your cylinder specification is the same, then determine what the length of L1 and L2 is.

After replacing the lock cylinder, tighten the lock cylinder screw and install the inner and outer handles. There are two screw eyes on the handle in the room.

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