Security Door Installation Points And Security Levels

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Installation points

(1) The installation of the security door should be in accordance with the type of security door used, and the appropriate installation method should be adopted.

(2) The door frame of the anti-theft door can be fixed with the expansion bolt and the wall body. The iron piece can be pre-embedded at the hole when the wall is built, and the door frame connecting piece is welded firmly during installation.

(3) Regardless of the connection method used for the door frame and the wall, there should be no less than 3 anchor points on each side and should be firmly connected.

(4) When installing the security door, it should be straightened and hanged first. After the size is appropriate, temporarily fix it and correct it and adjust it. After the error is correct, the connection can be anchored.


(5) It is required that the sliding door can be pushed and pulled flexibly after installation; the swinging door is convenient to open, the closing is tight and firm, and there is no self-opening phenomenon.

(6) Anti-theft device should be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.

(7) Hardware accessories such as handles, door locks, and observation holes on the security door must be complete; the password protection lock, electronic alarm password system, doorbell paging and other devices on the multi-function security door must be effectively improved.

(8) The clearance from the ground plane should be no more than 5mm.

Security Level

Of course, it is not enough to just introduce the production and sales vendors. It is important to check the relevant information documents in detail. The security door is an important product related to the life and property safety of thousands of families.

Legal production and distribution of security doors should have the following two conditions:

1 There must be a production and distribution license issued by the local technical security management office of the Public Security Bureau.

2 The production and distribution of security doors must be tested and qualified by the product quality supervision and inspection stations authorized by the regional technical supervision bureaus and public security organs. The security door produced by a regular manufacturer shall have a certificate of safety level.

Consumers should reasonably choose the level according to the specific use of the security door, anti-theft requirements, etc.

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