Reasons For Large Differences In Interior Door Prices

- Sep 06, 2018 -

At present, the price of various types of wooden interior doors in the market ranges from 200 yuan to 5,000 yuan. It is often difficult for ordinary consumers to choose products with reasonable cost performance. Then, the price difference between wooden interior doors is different, and how consumers can identify and purchase reasonable prices. product?

Tree species determine cost

The high-grade wooden doors on the market use precious wood to show the taste of the room and the culture of the owner. According to the species, the price difference between each door is very large. The price of solid wood doors made of precious trees such as walnut, cherry, sapele, shadow wood, maple, teak and so on varies from 800 yuan to 5,000 yuan. The wooden doors processed by trees such as Chinese fir are slightly lower in price.

“In order to win more profits, some businesses have stolen the concept. In view of consumers’ lack of understanding of tree species, wooden doors made of low-cost tree species pretend to be high-end sales.” Lin products quality inspection station experts reminded that consumers should request when purchasing The merchant indicates the tree species on the invoice, and when such problems arise, in order to protect the rights.

There is a spread in the same process

At present, the wooden interior doors on the market are divided into molded doors and riveted doors from the process. Due to different processes, technologies and materials, the price difference is large.


The structure of the molded wooden door is somewhat like a sandwich. The two sides are simulated wood grain decorative paper panels with concave and convex shapes. The solid wood strips are made of keel frame, and the inner hollow part is filled with various soundproof materials. These parts are firmly bonded with waterproof glue. The price is mainly based on the difference between the facade material and the core material. The price of a door is generally between 200-800 yuan.

All parts of the riveted door are individually machined and joined by a conventional riveting process. The finished product has a heavy feeling, a good hand feeling, a strong three-dimensional effect, a particularly delicate process and line type, and a high degree of flatness and precision. However, the price of each type of this product is mostly more than 800 yuan, and the salary layer with lower income is difficult to accept.

Large difference in dosage

When it comes to solid wood doors, many consumers think that all materials may consist of one kind of tree species. However, this is not the case. Most of the solid wood door materials are made up of several different kinds of trees. What's more, solid wood is used. Frame, man-made MDF is a wooden door made of paving material that is sold as a pure solid wood door to consumers.

The frame of pure solid wood door is made of whole piece of wood raft. The panel is made of whole piece of wood. The price is more expensive. The cheapest hemlock is made into a door, and the price is more than 600 yuan. The solid wood door is composed of several materials. For example, the frame on both sides of the door is directly connected to the top and the bottom. The frame is made of three kinds of wood, and the price is relatively lower than that of the pure solid wood door. The price of solid wood frame doors is lower than that of the former. Since the difference cannot be seen on the surface, the best way is to buy them in a supermarket or brand franchise with high credibility to avoid spending money.

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