Quality Standard For Solid Wood Doors

- Jul 30, 2018 -

The quality of solid wood doors is qualified. Many people have no choice when choosing solid wood doors. First, they do not know the material of solid wood doors. Second, they do not know the details of the quality of solid wood doors. Many people choose the solid wood door when they buy it. They feel that the solid wood door looks good and then buy it home, but soon found that the solid wood door is deformed. Therefore, the quality of good solid wood doors is standard. First understand the quality standards of solid wood doors for future selection.


The materials used for wooden doors usually require drying. The moisture content of solid wood doors should be less than 12%. If the solid wood dewatering treatment is not closed, after the wooden doors are made, the door body is easily deformed, the joints are cracked, and the door core sheets are shrunk. The material standard is the same as other wood products. The processing should be fine, no mildew, no burr, Russian, semi-glass, full glass door glass frame processing should be accurate, close the line.

The quality standard of solid wood door is: the filling in the door leaf is full, the wooden strip trimmed at the door side is firmly connected with the inner frame, the horizontal and vertical keel of the inner frame are arranged according to the design requirements, and the horizontal hinge keel should be installed at the hinge, the decorative panel and The frame is firmly bonded, without curling and cracking, the board surface is smooth and clean, no thrift, insect eyes, cracks and rot spots, the wood grain is clear and the texture is beautiful. The thickness of the board surface must not be less than 3 mm.

Learn more about the common sense of some solid wood doors. I believe that everyone will not make any big mistakes in the future purchase process.

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