Purchase Of Bathroom Door Locks

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Bathroom door lock type selection

The bathroom is not an important place, because in the bathroom, valuables are generally not stored, but the bathroom is a place that most involves our privacy. Therefore, the bathroom must also have a corresponding lock. Toilet door locks generally have two types of ball locks and handle locks. The price of the ball lock is relatively cheap, but since the ball lock is easily damaged, its service life is not long. The price of the handle lock is relatively expensive, divided into two types of stainless steel and plating. Functionally speaking, it has self-locking and anti-locking.

Bathroom door lock selection method

The bathroom door lock must be sealed, secure and flexible. On the basis of ensuring the appearance quality, it must also guarantee a certain service life. Therefore, when we purchase the bathroom door lock, we should not only pay attention to the appearance, but ignore the use effect. The appearance of the lock is preferably smooth and not rough. It is convenient and flexible when the rotation is turned on. The hand feels firm and firm. Don't choose some inferior quality locks that are cheap and quality. It is cheap to use, and it is inconvenient to use. Cost-effective.


Toilet door lock installation steps

After choosing the bathroom door lock, we need to install it. The installation of the lock is also a part that needs our attention. Before installing the bathroom door lock, we must carefully read the product manual of the door lock, measure the installation center distance, and then install according to the product manual, instead of doing it by yourself.

Bathroom door lock maintenance

In such a humid environment as the bathroom, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the bathroom door lock to extend the service life of the lock. On weekdays, when we use the bathroom door lock, it is best to turn the lock tongue completely into the lock body and switch the bathroom door. When switching the bathroom door, be sure to open it gently. Do not force the door and forcefully close the door. After we bathe, it is best to wipe the bathroom door lock with a rag and not leave water on it, otherwise it will rust our bathroom door lock and shorten its service life.

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