Practical Method Of Hiding The Door

- Sep 05, 2018 -

Do the unity and integration of doors and walls

After the door is leveled, as long as the color, material and wall are completely unified, the decoration is generally decorated with strips and blocks. This is related to the shape of the door. It can use color, picture (painting, wallpaper), texture material (wood Decorative panels, gypsum board, ceramic tiles, soft bags and other materials), seamlessly spliced with hinges and other accessories, so that the door is hidden in the wall, giving a look, the feeling is no flaws.

Paint color

According to the color design of the wall or the cabinet, the facade and the surrounding space can be painted in a uniform color.


The wainscots add a touch of chic painting to hide the reception room.


The wallpaper of the entire wall, the combination of classical wallpaper and wainscoting is originally a retro style.

The latter characteristics of the material shape are not invisible, but the echoing method is used to form a whole with the whole space decoration. Compared with the color and pattern, the design is more advanced and the effect is more unexpected. It even uses these. The unique material makes some styling decoration, which can add highlights to the living room, but the production cost is higher.

Plaster line + line


Unify the style of the wall and the door finish, which is extraordinarily artistic.

Wood veneer

The wood material has a natural sense of simplicity, which makes the space façade more complete. The simple white base is blended with warm wood. It can produce perfect diffuse reflection on the sound. It has noise reduction function, which can be used for hiding in the bedroom and can improve insomnia. quality.

Uniform wooden stripes

The wood veneer with the same length and width is most suitable for installation. It has a strong geometric beauty, and the wooden fence type decoration material has higher concealment.

Hard pack soft pack

The texture of the hard bag is very high, and the design is more intense. Even if the cost is high, there are still people who are eager to do so.


It can make the space more transparent, the lighting is good, can decorate the landscaping space, and the transparency lacks privacy. However, if it is replaced by matte, mirror or colored glass, it has a private function.


Pushing open the bookcase, there is a mysterious space behind it. In fact, customization is not complicated. The space is decorated with a multi-wall of the entire wall, and books and various collections can be stored. The invisible cabinet door with functional partition and practical storage function can greatly increase the fun and privacy of the space.

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