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- Jul 22, 2018 -

(1) Painted cabinet door (that is, spray booth door):

The medium density is used as the substrate, and after the milling and grinding, the surface is painted, and the manual type is mainly used to make the door of various colors. This is the entire production process of the so-called painted door panels. To measure and evaluate the value and performance traits of paint (paint) cabinet doors, special attention should be paid to the following issues:

(1) Is the medium-density substrate and paint environmentally friendly? Is there a reliable basis? Is there any "excessive formaldehyde" that affects your health?

(2) A medium-density substrate of tens of yuan (about 3M2), plus the cost of paint and manual operation, can it be called "high-end cabinet door"?

(3) It is impossible to avoid the "oil smoke erosion" in the kitchen, the surface treatment of the paint, whether it has been polluted, how long will it lose its luster, and is it easy to clean?

There are two factors to consider in the cabinet door of a kitchen cabinet: one is practical and the other is aesthetic. The two are interdependent and indispensable. If you leave the practical, then "beauty" is worthless.


(2) Blister molded cabinet door:

Blister molding is the main cabinet door of European famous kitchen cabinets. The German brand kitchen cabinets entering China are mainly made up of plastic molded cabinet doors, which fully embody the advantages of "noble", "fine" and "excellent quality".

The blister molded cabinet door made by Europe is first introduced by Yadir Kitchen Cabinet, which has attracted the attention of the kitchen cabinets. It also attracts consumers and is a sophisticated kitchen cabinet that is emulated in the Chinese circle.

If China manufactures plastic molded cabinet doors, it can quickly invest in the transformation of technology and equipment, adjust the concept of materials selection, improve quality awareness, improve process standards and research and development capabilities, and certainly achieve a certain level in the near future. Objectively speaking, it takes time.


(3) Metal-enclosed cabinet doors will surely become the pride of the times:

A few of Germany's top kitchen cabinet brands have introduced metal edge banding equipment and have entered the Shanghai and Beijing markets with the "metal series" kitchen cabinets with a sense of the times. China Yadir Kitchen Cabinet is the first well-known brand to introduce equipment and develop metal-sealed kitchen cabinets. Yadir Metalwind has been launched in the Shanghai market.

With the newly developed "German Haomai Metal Edge Special Machinery", the company introduces the "Special Glue" (Hot Sol) from Germany, and purchases the "Special Metal Edge Band" made in Germany, specializing in the manufacture of "metal edge banding kitchen cabinets". Due to its strong visual impact and sense of the times, it is expected to occupy an active position in the future market.

(4) MFC cabinet door (trimeric hydrogen ammonia cabinet door):

Some people say that the "MFC" cabinet door is not good, and some people say that it has been eliminated. This argument is inevitably biased and unfair. Objectively speaking, whether a cabinet door is eliminated by the market is mainly determined by the performance characteristics of the cabinet door.

(1) As long as it is a MFC made in Europe, it is inevitable to have good environmental traits. In China, where health is important, it is welcome to be questioned. In fact, the European E-1, E-0 standard MFC is still widely used in European famous kitchen cabinets. The German brand kitchen cabinets appearing in the Beijing and Shanghai markets have no precedent for not using MFC boards, which is enough to illustrate the vitality of MFC.


(2) The flatness is good and the deformation is not easy. It is another obvious advantage of MFC, and of course it also meets the basic technical requirements of kitchen cabinets.

(3) The color is bright and rich, and it does not change color. It gives the designer a space for the consumer to have too much imagination.

(4) Low cost and moderate price, in line with China's general consumption level, is also an ideal material for the popularization of kitchen cabinets.

We predict that MFC produced in Europe with E-1 and E-0 environmental standards will continue to be the main panel for Chinese kitchen cabinets and Chinese furniture. There is no miracle of being eliminated in the Chinese market, and this trend is not diverted by any individual will.

(5) Environmental protection and craftsmanship are the two main elements of purchasing cabinet doors:

(1) Formaldehyde is harmful to the human body, and it has been gradually understood by the Chinese people that there are endless cases in which excessive formaldehyde causes physical discomfort and disease. Therefore, for the health of you and your family, you can buy a real "green cabinet door and even a kitchen cabinet", no need to publicize and mobilize.

(2) Craft is a symbol of noble quality. No matter how much money is spent, fine craftsmanship is your legitimate requirement. The theory that "because it is cheap, it can be shoddy" is already untenable. Therefore, you should be more critical in the process to effectively promote the "total level of the kitchen cabinet industry."

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