Non-standard Door Size Measurement

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Non-standard door size measurement

1. Actually measure the width and height of the door opening. It is necessary to measure whether the upper, middle and lower parts of the door hole are consistent. If they are inconsistent, the narrowest point shall prevail, but the error shall not exceed 20 mm.

2. For the error exceeding 20mm, the wall hole should be corrected. The correction can be corrected by cement mortar or lime.

3. The thickness measurement of the door wall should also be measured in the upper, middle and lower parts. See if the thickness of the wall is the same. Also, see if the thickness of the wall on the left and right walls and the top of the door is the same. Maximum value, but the error must not exceed 5mm.

4. If the wall thickness error exceeds 5mm, it needs to be corrected.

5. If the wall is a T-wall, you need to use a blockboard to make a false wall with a width of 50-60mm. The thickness is the same as the wall thickness of the wall.

6. The thickness of the door wall is not less than 80mm. The strength of the door frame with a low and 80mm size is not very strong, and the support for the door is not strong enough. If it is less than 80mm, it is necessary to thicken the thickness of the wall to 80mm or more.

7. When there is a protruding beam on the door hole, the upper door line cannot be installed. It is also necessary to use a blockboard to make a fake wall of 50-60 mm height, the length of which is the same as the width of the door opening, and the depth is the same as the thickness of the door opening.

8, the door has a step. The stepped line on the step side should be added with the step height, and the specific size is determined according to the height of the step.

9, the thickness of the bathroom and kitchen door wall thickness should pay special attention to the thickness of the wall tile. Generally, the single-sided tiling is thickened by 25mm, and the two-sided tiling is thickened by 50mm. The specific situation is signed and confirmed by the designer and the customer and the decoration company. The final dimensions should include the thickness of the wall tiles. It is best to measure after the wall tiles are attached.

10. Pay attention to the opening direction of the door when measuring. The opening direction is defined as: from the front of the door, the hinge is left to the left and the hinge is to the right.

11. The measurement of the mouth and window cover is basically the same as the measurement of the door hole, but the size is recorded according to the actual measurement result, without deduction.

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