Mute Door Selection Guide

- Aug 04, 2018 -

1, pay attention to the metal material of the silent sliding door

In order to prevent the door panel from being deformed, the material of the sliding door is mostly made of metal. The quality of metal materials directly affects the quality of sliding doors. At present, the metal materials of the sliding door on the market are mainly carbon steel and aluminum alloy, and the most expensive one is aluminum-titanium alloy. The reason why the material composition of the frame is to be understood is because the hard metal material, such as aluminum-titanium alloy, has high hardness. Strong support, so that the door leaf will not be deformed. Carbon steel and ordinary aluminum alloys are not suitable for making tall door fans because of their thin materials. At present, some brands on the market claim to be aluminum-titanium alloys. In order to avoid being fooled, the merchants should be asked to show the inspection report of the commodity inspection department at the time of purchase.

2. Observe whether the upper pulley and the slide rail are tightly engaged.

In general, the upper pulley acts as a guide. When selecting, the sliding door is shaken in the vertical direction of the slide rail, and the smaller the degree of shaking, the better the stability. When shaking, pay attention to the upper pulley and the upper rail. If the sliding door is of good quality, the gap between them is almost zero, so that there is no vibration feeling when sliding, smooth and smooth. Therefore, the tight combination of the upper pulley and the slide rail determines the smoothness of its sliding.


3, the advantages and disadvantages of the bottom wheel is the key to choose a silent sliding door

Whether the silent sliding door can be used for a long time depends on the quality of the pulley. Because the silent sliding door usually achieves a height of 2.4 meters or more, the door leaf is wider, and nowadays the popular glass and metal door panels, the weight of the board itself is very large. If the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, the quality of the sliding door will be greatly affected. In this case, only the bottom wheel with super-large bearing capacity can guarantee its good sliding effect and long service life. The high-grade silent sliding door is made of carbon fiber glass with inner ball and non-dry lubricating ester. The poor pulley is often made of engineering plastic or organic plastic. The bearing capacity is small. It may not be harmful to start using. It takes a long time to deform and affects the push-pull effect.

4, listen to the sound when there is no noise and smooth

When choosing, relying on the sound of sliding to measure its quality, I am afraid it is the most intuitive method. The general cause of noise in the sliding is the process difference of the bearing pulley and the gap between the pulley and the rail. Although some of the bottom wheels slide smoothly at the time, a closer look reveals a greasy feel on the bottom wheel. This is because some sellers have oiled the bottom wheel for the purpose of sliding silence. This is not only easy to contaminate the dirt, but once the grease is dry, there will be blockage and noise, so be sure to observe every detail when picking, and quietly experience it while sliding. A good silent sliding door is neither too light nor too heavy when sliding, but has a certain weight of the door, no vibration when sliding, smooth and textured.


5, the role of the stop device can not be ignored

When the ground is not flat, the silent sliding door is closed. The door hits the wall with a resilience. It will move sideways and cannot stop smoothly. The stop block will play a role of slipping, so it is important to observe its material. The stop block is generally made of steel sheet, but the steel has a good durability and the steel is not good. After a long collision, the displacement will occur, so that the silent sliding door cannot be stopped. In fact, metals have a "fatigue period". After a long period of "work", they are easily deformed, and the stop blocks made of copper are corrosion-resistant and can remain stable for a long time. Therefore, such materials can be selected as much as possible.

6, pay attention to the cooperation of other small accessories

In addition to important materials such as pulleys and frames, sliding doors need to be carefully selected, and some small accessories cannot be ignored. The specially designed anti-jump device can prevent the door body from jumping out of the track, which needs careful observation when picking; the shock absorbing device can reduce the vibration of the door sliding, and ensure that the silent sliding door is still smooth on the uneven ground. Sliding; height adjustment system can shorten the distance between the sliding door and the ground, and also prevent dust from entering; the dust brush is mainly located at the joint between the door and the door, to choose a special brush to block dust, good quality hair The brush is durable and prevents damage from long-term collisions between the door and the wall. For the silent sliding door made of glass, be sure to check whether there is a rubber strip at the joint between the glass and the metal frame. It can fix the glass and prevent the glass from cracking due to vibration.


7, using a special mute door to create a unique space

Some of the living room spaces are designed to be more unique, so choose a special silent sliding door category. For example, villas and duplex houses with sloping roofs may not be able to use the space properly, so it is more appropriate to use a special angled door. Its angle of inclination matches the sloping ceiling of the house, creating a distinctive environment. In addition, some corners that are not easy to use, such as the corners of the room, also need to choose a special door type, that is, the corner door. This combination makes the originally wasted corner and the pattern of the living room naturally integrated.

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