Invisible Door Purchase

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The invisible door is generally more custom-made, and the material should conform to the overall home style, but the accessories and hardware of the invisible door are not sloppy. How to choose invisible door accessories and hardware?

If you think that the difference between a stealth door and a normal door is that you don't need a door cover, then you can be wrong.

In order to protect the door hole, the door cover has to be done, but it has become the inner door cover hidden behind the door. In fact, the invisible door panel is completely different from the ordinary interior door. The four sides of the ordinary door are a plane, and the left and right side panels of the invisible door are divided into two levels, which look like a tooth. When the door is closed, it can be invisible. The wall where the door is located is completely engaged. If the door panel is completely engaged with the wall, a one-way lock and a spring hinge that automatically closes are essential. The hidden door can be closed at any time to highlight the effect of its hidden door, and the spring hinge can achieve this function.

There is also a hydraulic spring hinge with automatic positioning function, which can ensure that the door stays at any position between the closed, and solves the problem that the hidden door can not be switched freely. Automatic door closers are also a magic weapon for successful installation of invisible doors.

The door closer is a pull-like thing installed above the door of the fire exit of many office buildings. It automatically closes the door after the door is pushed open. It can also achieve the effect of automatically closing the spring hinge. The general designer will recommend that the invisible door be a latch or a one-way lock, and the trace of the door lock will not be visible from the outside.

It should be specially reminded that the one-way lock is preferably the one that can be locked manually, so that the door is automatically locked when the spring hinge is automatically closed.

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