Installation And Acceptance Of Solid Wood Doors

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Door cover installation

1. The door set should be tightly connected, flat and without black seams; the fixed parts should be locked; the diagonal of the door cover should be accurate, the tolerance is less than 1 mm within 2 meters, and ≤1.5 mm for more than 2 meters;

2. After the door is set, it should be three-dimensional horizontal and vertical, the tolerance of verticality is +2 mm, and the horizontal straightness tolerance is +1 mm; the fixing between the door cover and the wall should be fixed screws (not less than 3 per meter) ); the width of the door cover should be more than 200 mm; a fixed iron piece should be installed; the gap between the door cover and the wall should be sealed with foaming rubber on both sides, the styrofoam should be evenly spread, and then dried and cut flat.

Socket installation

1. The installation of the casing should be evenly glued with the door cover and the wall. The socket interface should be flat, tight and seamless. After installation, the same side sleeve is in a plane; when the wall is not flat, the socket interface must be guaranteed. smooth. The set of cambers allows a tolerance of 1 mm. The sealing line is applied to the gap between the line and the wall.


Door fan installation

1. After the door leaf is installed, it should be flat and vertical, and the door leaf and the exposed surface of the door cover are level; the door leaf is opened without abnormal noise, and the switch is flexible and free;

2. The gap between the door cover and the door leaf is 6 mm for the lower seam and 2 mm for the other three sides; the tolerance is +0.5 mm for all the gaps;

3. After the door is closed, it is tightly combined with the sealing strip and does not swing.


1. The hinge of the door should be vertical and flat; the hinge of the flat mouth should be slotted correspondingly to the door leaf and the door cover. The notch should be standardized, the size is the same as the hinge, the tolerance of the three sides is +0.5, and the seam is flat and seamless. Opening should be flexible. The trigeminal hinge is mounted in the mold and the latch should be inserted in place. The hinge fixing screws should be fully and straight, hidden in the hinge plane.

2. The door lock should be accurately and standardized, and the size should be consistent with the lock body and the lock piece; the door lock should be tightened and unlocked without any abnormal noise; the accessories should be installed completely, and the fixing screws should be fully and straight.

3, door suction, door closers, handles, etc. should be installed in the specified position, the installation is firm, the fixing screws should be fully loaded, straight, and the fittings are good.

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