Indoor Door Shopping Skills

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Indoor door shopping skills


The shape of the wooden door should be consistent with the style of the room decoration. The general home decoration style is mainly divided into European, Chinese, simple, classical and other styles. For example, the interior decoration design is based on the curve as the mainstream element, and the wooden door style should also be the ideal matching method with the curve shape, and vice versa.


The wall is light-colored: the wall of the wooden door, such as white oak, birch, and mixed oil, should be selected to be dark: Should choose the color of wooden doors such as teak, Sapele, walnut and other warm wood doors should also pay attention to the furniture, the color of the ground is similar, but contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to create a sense of space The atmosphere.


The door of the general bedroom is basically around 750-800MM; the general kitchen door is more sliding doors, this can be single push, or the total width of the double sliding door can be from 1400-1800-2000MM; the majority of the bathroom door is designed as 550 -600MM width.

Environmental protection

Under normal circumstances, the more solid wood content, the more environmentally friendly, the paint is also very important, is the rubber used environmentally friendly? Good interior door brands have certain guarantees in this regard. When we buy a wooden door, we can first smell whether the door has a pungent odor. If the irritating smell is strong, or the eyes feel uncomfortable, it proves that this interior door contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde.


Sound insulation

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the sound insulation effect of the living room door should reach 22 to 25 decibels. From the materials used in the living room door, the sound insulation performance of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors is much better than that of paint-free doors, steel doors, molded doors, etc. From the difference of the door, the T-port (German door) is better than the traditional flat door.


For example, Korean pine and eucalyptus adapt to the general grade decoration; ash, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus are suitable for medium-grade decoration; while fir, red peony, walnut, teak, mahogany, etc. are suitable for high-grade luxury residential decoration purchase. It is necessary to distinguish colors, textures, textures, etc. according to different materials.

Door type

There are plate type door, core board door, full glass door, half glass door and other panel type door. It is closed type, no perspective light transmission point, mostly used for bedroom door; core board door is convex, three-dimensional artistic is strong; full glass door is glass As the main door leaf, the whole door has only four sides and a pier; the half-glass door is the upper half is glass, the lower half is plate type, and is transparent.

Paint surface

The door of the room is divided into different types of paint. The difference between the oil mixing door and the clear oil door is that the woodwork paint used on the surface of the door leaf is different. The clear paint is painted to reveal the natural color of the wood. The paint is painted with the color paint, and the natural color of the wood is mixed.


Hand touch and side light look. Hand the door of the door, the panel, the corner, require no scratch, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to see if there is any uneven wave on the painted surface of the door. Basically, you can know whether the work is qualified by these two.


Edge banding

The edge of the wooden door is usually solid wood, wood veneer, PVC and other polymer materials, aluminum alloy and other metal materials. The solid wood strip is better against the single board, and it is easy to repair even after bumping. However, if the moisture content of the solid wood is not well controlled, and the time is long, shrinkage will occur, resulting in an imbalance between the solid edge banding and the surface of the door leaf.

Door lock

The best copper lock, buy stainless steel is recommended to buy 304 material, buy aluminum to buy space aluminum. Do not buy iron locks, because the surface plating will fall off and rust, and the lock will be useless for less than a month. In the room and study, basic security and anti-theft functions should be added. The interior doors should have fireproof, escape function and anti-bacterial functions.


Common handles are all copper handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum handles, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic handles. The shape should be chosen according to the style of the decoration. In addition, the appropriate material should be selected according to the space requirements of the door. For example, the kitchen door handle should be corrosion-resistant and aluminum alloy can be selected.


The hinge is a kind of hardware that connects the wooden door and the door frame. The good hinge has anti-corrosion performance and good transmission, which can ensure the uniform force of the hinge and not cause damage due to the weight of the door.


Original wood doors, the price is generally above 3000. High-grade solid wood composite doors, the price is around 1200 to 2300 years. The price of low-grade solid wood composite doors is 600-900 yuan. Steel doors, the price is between 600-750. The price of wood-plastic doors is between 900 and 1400.

Quality inspection

To check whether the wooden door has a quality certificate issued by the country. In particular, high-grade wooden doors, in addition to quality certification, are accompanied by detailed descriptions of materials, structure, quality and performance. Wooden doors that comply with national environmental protection regulations must be accompanied by a Chinese environmental labeling product certification. Environmentally friendly wooden doors must bear the green ten-ring sign of the Chinese environmental label.

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