Imitation Copper Door Maintenance

- Sep 16, 2018 -

Imitation copper door maintenance

1. Develop good habits in daily life. When opening the door, do not touch the water on the hands, prevent the door lock from changing color, acid substances, etc., and the strength of unlocking should not be too big. The door locks and other parts appear in time. Tighten.

2. If you want to paint the wall, cover the copper door with a cover to prevent the paint from falling on the copper door, which will affect the overall appearance.

3, do not hang too heavy items on the door, and avoid sharp objects hitting the imitation copper door, you know that if the paint on the surface of the imitation copper door is damaged, it is very difficult to repair, which will make the imitation copper The door loses its original appearance and decoration.

4. If there is glass on the imitation copper door, when cleaning the glass, be careful not to infiltrate the cleaning agent or water into the gap to avoid deformation of the imitation copper door.

5. When removing the smudge on the imitation copper door, you can first smear it and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. If the stain is difficult to remove, you can use neutral detergent and toothpaste to remove it. Never use acid or Alkaline detergent is cleaned.

6. When there are small scars on the surface of the imitation copper door, it is recommended to use a professional repairing cream to repair it. Instead of using nail polish or paint for repair, it will cause the surface color to be different and affect the imitation copper door. The appearance is decorative.

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