How To Tell If The Original Wooden Door Is True Or False?

- Aug 11, 2018 -

The original wooden door is a wooden door processed with natural wood as the raw material. Compared with other wooden doors, the biggest feature is that the door parts are all wood of the same kind of wood and are all solid wood doors. No matter which kind of wooden door, it is not much different from the visual point of view. For consumers who don't know how to identify wooden door material or wooden door structure, true and false wooden doors are more difficult to identify.

First of all, let me introduce to you the benefits of the original wooden doors, why everyone is eager for the original wooden doors.

Advantage 1: The texture is clear and the overall feeling is strong

Everyone knows that the original wooden door is the whole door made entirely of solid wood. Nowadays, the more popular materials are mainly eucalyptus, red pine, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, ash, eucalyptus and so on. The use of pure natural wood, so the grain texture is clear, with a strong sense of overall and three-dimensional.

Advantage 2: no deformation, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation

Our common wood door, taken from the natural wood of the forest as the door core, is processed by degreasing and drying, then cutting, polishing, opening, eye-catching, high-speed cleaning and other processes. Most of the pure wood doors are made of precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut, rubber wood, gold silk teak, etc. The processed door has the functions of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no joint seam, thermal insulation and so on. In addition, the original wooden door has good sound absorption and sound insulation.

Advantage three: pure natural pollution-free

Green environmental protection has long been a focus of attention, and the use of binders for wood doors is nearly 50% lower than that of solid wood doors. Therefore, the release of formaldehyde from good logs is far below national standards. This is one of the reasons why the price of the original wooden door is higher.

Advantage 4: consistent inside and outside materials

The structure of the original wooden door is mainly the door frame 榫 connection, inlaid with the door core board, and belongs to the middle and high-end products. Its biggest feature is that the inner and outer materials are consistent.


Understand the benefits of the original wooden door, then how do we identify the original wooden door is true or false? We can look at the five aspects, respectively, look at the grain, look at the carving, see the cross section, look at the weight, look at the price.

Look at the grain: the quality of the original wood door is clear and natural, the lines and thrift on both sides are symmetrical, but the size is not necessarily the same. If it is not a wooden door, but a wooden door with a wood grain on the outside, the grain is not too natural and not natural. For example, the composite solid wood is made of solid wood as the inner core, and the veneer or sticker is attached, and the appearance has stitching marks.


Look at the carved flowers: the original wooden doors can create a total of carved techniques, beautifully carved and more three-dimensional. If it is not a wooden door, it can't be carved directly on the door. It can only be made into a solid wood applique, and the sense of reality and three-dimensionality will be weak.

Look at the section: the original wood door section can see the clear wood grain, no traces of stitching. The lower grade solid wood door is made of wood or honeycomb paper. Although the consumer can't see the cross section of the wooden door when purchasing the wooden door, when the worker opens the keyhole and opens and closes the page, the internal material of the wooden door can be seen, and it can be judged whether it is a wooden door.

Look at the weight: the original wooden door is made of a whole piece of solid wood and has a heavier weight. The quality of the original log door is more than 70 kg, very good to reach more than 100 kg. The poor solid wood door component is about half lighter than the original wooden door, and the consumer can pass the opening and closing wooden door to judge by the hand feeling. In addition, the sound of good wood has a thick texture and texture. When you buy it, you can also knock on the door and listen to the sound to distinguish its authenticity.


Look at the price: the unit price of the original wooden door is usually 2,500 yuan - 1 million yuan, less than 2,500 yuan is very good, it is not the original wooden door. In addition, the original wooden doors can be selected in many styles. Because of the messy manufacturing process, it is also used for a long time.

Since the original wooden door is a solid wood door, the whole real material is real, so the price is not cheap. It is very necessary to learn to identify the real and false wooden door. Xiaobian hopes that everyone can remember the above content, polish the eyes when buying the original wooden door, look for the real Original wooden door.

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