How To Match A Solid Wood Door?

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Selection of color

The dark brown walnut gives a feeling of dignity and stability, while the light brown cherry wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. The wooden doors exhibit varying textures and shades of wood due to the choice of tree species. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that matches the decoration of the living room will add a lot of color to the living room.


The advice of professional designers, first of all, the color of the wooden door should be in harmony with the living room. When the main color of the living room is light color, you should choose wooden doors such as white oak, birch, mixed oil, etc.; when the main color of the living room is dark, you should choose teak, Sapele, Warm wooden doors such as walnut. The choice of the color of the wooden door should also pay attention to the color of the furniture and the ground, and contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating a space-level atmosphere.


Secondly, the shape of the wooden door should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room. The general home decoration style is mainly divided into European, Chinese, simple, classical and other styles. For example, the interior decoration design is based on the curve as the mainstream element, and the wooden door style should also be the ideal matching method with the curve shape, and vice versa. In addition, the choice of wooden doors should also be as close as possible to the wood of the interior furniture in order to achieve the best room decoration effect.

Solid wood doors, both in materials and texture, are the best. The solid wood doors are noble and elegant and will never be vulgar. Although everyone is emphasizing energy conservation, after all, the solid wood is more environmentally friendly, beautiful and comfortable. Today's home decoration, the investment scale of a single project is increasing every year. From this point of view, high-end general-purpose doors will increasingly enter the homes of ordinary people.


From the solid wood door design style, some styles of more refined doors will give consumers and designers a wider choice. Today's consumers, although they are also economical and practical, but more than the pursuit of individuality and style of consumer demand, will drive the design of wooden doors more diverse. At the same time, a group of wooden door manufacturers with a clearer division of labor will have a more specific consumer group.

Outside the door, there are always four distinct seasons, but the door is always spring. Choose a good door, and sometimes choose a wonderful beginning of a good life!

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