How To Identify Class A, Class B, And Class C Locks?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

How to identify Class A, Class B, and Class C locks?

Anti-theft door lock core level: The anti-theft door lock core used in the market is basically divided into three levels, namely, A level, B level, Super B level (also known as C level). According to the "National Machinery Lock Standard" anti-theft door lock core A and B are two levels, Super B level is an enhanced version of the entrepreneur to develop another B level.

A-level lock: At present, the A-class anti-theft lock key on the market mainly has a word key and a cross key. The internal structure of the A-stage lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marble, and the marble slot is small and shallow. Anti-technical opening time within 1 minute, the open rate is very high. The marble structure is a single row marble or cross lock.


Class B locks: Class B lock keys are flat keys with double row of marble slots. Unlike A-level locks, the key face is more than a row of curved and irregular lines. The main types of lock cylinders are 3 kinds, computer double row lock cores, double row crescent lock cores, double-sided blade lock cores. Anti-technical opening time within 5 minutes, high open rate. With a strong twist tool, the lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute.


Super-B lock (C-class): The key shape is a single-sided blade inner groove or external slot key, the type of lock cylinder is the side column lock core; after the Ministry of Public Security detects 270 minutes, the technology cannot be opened, and the area open rate is zero ( One-sixteen millionth). The marble structure is double row vane and V-side column lock; if you use strong twist tool to open the lock cylinder, the lock cylinder is damaged inside, and it locks up, causing it to fail to open.c-3.jpg


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