How To Choose The Security Door?

- Jul 19, 2018 -


First, the seller is required to present the “Testing Qualification Certificate” of the relevant department to check whether it meets the technical requirements of the national mandatory standard GB17565-1998.

Second, remove the cat's eye, doorbell box or lock handle to check the internal structure of the door. There should be several reinforcing bars in the door to connect the front and rear panels of the door together. It is preferable to have a material such as asbestos which has fireproof, heat preservation and sound insulation functions as a filler.

Third, check whether the lock has adopted the anti-theft special lock that has passed the inspection by the public security department, and whether there is a strengthened steel plate for protection at the lock installation.

Fourth, check the process quality of the product, whether there are welding defects, whether the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense.

Fifth, the weight of the security door is not less than 40 kg.


Identification trick

At present, the security door products are uneven. Some merchants have such a grocery store, and operate a variety of security doors. How should consumers identify and buy qualified security doors? Summary:

1. Grade standard: The security level of the security door can be divided into Grade A, Grade B and Grade C, and Grade D. Among them, Class A has the highest anti-theft performance, Grade B and Grade C are the second, and Grade D is the lowest. Most of the products we see in the building materials market are Class C and Class D security doors, which are more suitable for general household use.

2, inspection of steel plate: the state stipulates that the thickness of the steel plate of the security door should reach 1 mm, but some enterprises in order to reduce the cost, some use only 0.4 mm steel plate, the thin plate will lose the meaning of anti-theft. According to the introduction of the security door business, when the consumer inspects the steel plate, the steel plate in the door leaf can be pressed. If the steel plate is pressed, the quality of the security door is not closed.

3, inspection under the step: qualified security doors under the use of stainless steel materials, but some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of stainless steel. When the author visited Nanchang Xinduo security door, the boss introduced a small identification door, put the magnet on the lower step, if the magnet is difficult to remove, it indicates that the material is not qualified.

4, good locks not only lock points: locks qualified security doors generally use three-position locks, not only the door lock lock, the upper and lower rails can be inserted into the lock, the door is fixed. Often some merchants use more locks to attract consumers. In fact, good locks are not as many locks as possible. The lock core is not anti-theft, and more locks are useless.

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